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Oct 6, 2008 08:51 AM

NC Triangle - non-chain Mexican in Cary?

Are there any good Mexican restaurants in Cary? To my knowledge, all of the Mexican restaurants here are chains - Los Treys Mageuyes, El Dorado, Toreros, etc. I usually go to Raleigh (Las Margaritas), Durham, or Chapel Hill when I'm craving Mexican, but I'd love to find a go-to place closer to home. Any ideas?

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  1. There is a great taqueria just south of the Maynard and Chatham intersection.

    1. Is there something specific that you're looking for? The restos you mention are primarily local chains, so it's not like the PF Chang-type of chain with mass produced food.

      1. has anyone been to the taco truck near davis drive and mccrimmon pkway?

        1. Make the trek over near WalMart off New Hope Church in N Raleigh. Off Ronalda across the parking lot from the entrance in a small strip mall. Inexpensive, authentic and delicious!

          1. What I'm looking for is a place that is locally owned and worth supporting. I.e. ideally a restaurant run by a local family with their own recipes and interpretation of Mexican cooking. The problem I have with even the "local chains" is they all start to blend together and taste the same...presumably to cater to as many people as possible?

            It seems like Cary and the surrounding area has several good, local places for Indian (Kandas, Saffron), Asian (An, Lemongrass), Italian (Bella Monica), Cuban (Carmen's), etc, but I've been hard pressed to find a Mexican restuarant equivalent.

            I'll have to try the taqueria off Maynard - thanks for the tip on this one!

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              As km4874 has said, try the one by the New Hope Walmart, it is called Fonda Birrieria Jalisco and the address is 1600-107 Ronald Dr. It is the real deal, authentic and tasty. For good Mexican you need to go to the places catering to the Mexicans, all the places catering to non Mexicans are the same regardless of the name.