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Oct 6, 2008 08:47 AM

Apple Fritters in the city?

The fall weather has me craving apple fritters. Does anyone know where to get them in Manhattan?


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  1. Doughnut Pub on 14th has them.

      1. zum schneider, a bavarian place in the east vill, has them as a dessert w/ vanilla ice cream- but you could probably ask for them w/out if you prefer. don't know if they're the same as what you're looking for, but as the place only has 2 desserts, chances are good that you might see them before ordering yourself. warning; the place can be a madhouse- go at off hour/day

        1. I'll revive this thread, because I'm happy to report that if you were looking for a Apple Fritter in the Californian donut sense turns out the great hunt can be partially solved at Baby Watsons cheesecake. They're not exactly the same, and have more of a heavier fried bread thing going for them, but they do taste the same! Well, almost the same! They got the general flavor, and glazed crunchy knotty bumps texture on the outside pretty close.