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Oct 6, 2008 08:28 AM


Happy new year to all my tribal friends. Wanna share your break-fast meal?

I make the same things year after year and am looking for new ideas.

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  1. Bacon. Egg and Cheese Casserole (sharp cheddar or swiss)
    Chorizo/egg burritos
    Breakfast sopes
    Scrambled egg, bacon, cheese Sopapia
    Bloody Mary
    King Alphonse
    Ramos Fizz

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    1. re: todao

      Last year we did a spread of lox, bagels, etc with fresh fruit - the weather was gorgeous and sunny and we broke fast outside. This year, I'm thinking of making something stewier for the weather, but I haven't quite got my head around it yet. Other years have included: Indian potato pea curry, potatoes au gratin (though slicing potatoes on an empty stomach can lead to disaster, be warned), crepes, roasted fish. Yeah, mine haven't been particularly "traditional" either.

      1. re: todao

        I think the OP means breaking the fast at Yom Kippur, not breakfast. Bacon and chorizo would definitely not be on that menu - ever.

      2. this time of year the ultimate breakfast for me is apples or pears simply sliced and topped with toasted walnuts or pecans. If you can get your hands on some medjool dates, they are really good in the morning with walnuts as well. A different and healthy breakfast.

        1. OK let's bring this fish in the boat.

          Jfood assumes you are referring to Thursday evening's breaking fast.

          Jfood looks forward to the same staples that he has enjoyed for 52 years and hopefully one or more of these will help:

          - cheese blintzes with sour cream
          - bagels with a shmear, novey, sable, white fish, pickled herring in cream sauce
          - chooped liver on ritz crackers

          and let's not forget the best chocolate egg cream

          L'Shanah Tovah

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          1. re: jfood

            Jfood, you are correct...looking for ideas for this Thursday's meal to break the fast. I usually do an egg/spinach/cheese casserole, bagels, lox, cream cheese with the usual accompaniments, tuna salad, fresh fruit, apple cake.

            Keep those ideas coming...

            1. re: jfood

              There's NOTHING that could top your break fast, Jfood. Just make sure there are sliced vidalia onions to go with the bagels.

              1. re: CindyJ

                :-(( For some reason jfood does not like raw onions, but loves cooked onion.

                Jfood's dear departed FIL was the raw onion king and jfood would always look for that per sized vidalia to slice and place at his setting. First one he is not with us so jfood may cut an onion in respect.

                L'Shanah Tovah

                1. re: jfood

                  A bagel without onion is like... is like... well, a bagel without an onion! But to each his (her) own. I love the idea of your onion "tribute." This will be our first break fast without my Dad. You've inspired me to come up with a similarly appropriate tribute for our table, too.

                  L'Shanah Tovah

              2. re: jfood

                My mother usually puts out a light dairy meal with sambusak, bagels, cream cheese, lox, chopped salad, a fruit platter and ka'ak.

                My husband's coworkers are mostly Jewish and they don't actually fast but they do put out a meal to 'break the fast.' From what I hear, noodle kugel, bagels, smoked fish, and a cheese plate with fruit are common.

                1. re: jfood

                  You're going to have chopped liver and dairy at the same meal?

                  1. re: jfood

                    I wouldn't forget kugel. I usually make two -- one savory with the real fine egg noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream, onion, garlic, tobasco and worchester and the other with wide noodles and lots of apples, pears, sugar and cinnamon.

                  2. I tend not to eat traditional American breakfast foods. Some of my favorite breakfasts:

                    pho -- chicken, beef, vegetarian
                    miso soup with rice and vegetables
                    miso noodle soup
                    tom yum soup
                    mushroom barley soup
                    split pea soup
                    vegetable soup
                    actually, any kind of soup
                    rice and dal
                    fruit and yogurt
                    leftovers from last night's dinner
                    bi bim bap (Korean mixed vegetables and rice)
                    scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers, onions, spinach and hot sauce served with corn tortillas
                    rice and steamed egg custard
                    steamed kabocha squash
                    roasted sweet potatoes

                    And if I'm not too hungry, chai tea.

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                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      GRObin is refering to break the fast for Yom Kipper.. it's usually a dairy meal and since it's the Day of Atonment I'm pretty sure she doesn't want bacon, ham, pork of any kind as it's not kosher....

                      Robin I'm with JFood.. creamed Herring, Bagels Lox.. blintzes etc

                      1. re: Lightsuprooms

                        Ooh, thanks for pointing that out. This is what I get for being a goy.

                    2. After a 26 hour fast, the last thing I want to do is cook. Tomorrow I'll buy the bagels, smoked trout, whitefish or whitefish spread, and sugared soda. I'd buy real lox - not Nova - if I could find it in my area, but I can't. Then there's always the leftovers from the se'udah mafseket.

                      It doesn't sound like much but I've never really understood how people feel up to preparing and partaking in elaborate social events after such a difficult day.

                      Btw, my fondest break-fast memories are from college where the Hillel would put out cider and powdered sugar donuts after Ne'ilah. Then the whole gang would head over to Bertucci's for a thick-crust sausage pizza. Obviously kashrut wasn't an issue.

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