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Online recipes/websites you trust

For those that cook...where do you find your recipes online? I like to read reviews by people, but you never know what their background is...is chef boyardee their version of gourmet?..so their reviews really aren't valid in my book. I did not know if there were other websites where true foodies go in search of great recipes. I get Bon Appetite and Gourmet mags, but I was looking for something online.

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  1. My favorite is epicurious.com, which archives recipes from both those magazines, as well as some other sources. Good restaurant reviews, and they've rarely steered me wrong. The other place I like are the forums for America's Test Kitchens....and here, of course.

    1. I agree with epicurious as well. I prob. get most of my recipes from that site. I also use all recipes and sometimes food network as well. ATk is good, but the free recipes are limited. I like to use sites that are rated by readers, which will give tips and likes and dislikes of the recipe---and of course here.

      1. Epicurious is a good site as is allrecipes.com, but the most consistently good recipes, IMHO, is americastestkitchen.com (but you have to pay a monthly fee for the premium recipes).

        1. This website, Chowhound, has given me some excellent recipes over the past 3 years--epicurious also is a trusted source for me. Finerkitchens.com and Recipezaar.com are also trusted sources for me, and finerkitchens.com has a "tried and true favorites" list which has given us some great "keepers."

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            finerkitchens.com is my go-to every day! (as is chowhound). But I must confess, I get more recipes from finerkitchens and more advice from chowhound.

          2. More links:
            http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/427178 One post in that thread has a treasure trove of sites.

            Another one that's handy: http://www.101cookbooks.com/index.html

            1. I've gotten some good ones from soupsong.com.

              1. chef to chef's forums include "ask a chef", where people post questions about recipes, ingredients, techniques etc that are answered by a wide range of cooks and chefs:


                the feedback is often interesting, as so many experienced pro's can disagree on the most basic of ideas. there's more than one way to er, skin a cat.

                the site used to be a little busier, some recent changes have seen things slow a little there. some of the originals are regulars here at chowhound as well. but the advice is always good.

                1. I've had really good luck with every recipe I've tried off of allrecipes.com, and they even send a daily recipe to my inbox. Most of the recipes have been reviewed many times over, and I've never gone wrong with the best rated ones.

                  I also like marthastewart.com. My family's polish, and when I moved a couple months ago, I accidentally left my recipe book with all of my grandfather's recipes at my parents' house. Since she's Polish, I tend to look to this site mostly for authentic Polish recipes in the absence of my grandfather's, and everything i've tried has been fantastic.

                  1. Initially, I limited myself to "tried and true" web sites as recipe sources (recipe=ideas cuz I don't generally like following strict recipe directions) but I found that there are so many Internet sources for recipes that limiting my research actually crippled my ability to grow in the kitchen. I don't mind making something that turns out badly; that's part of the game. I've found that, after reading enough recipes and trying a wide range of ideas, I am much better at reading a recipe and accepting or rejecting it based upon my initial impression than I used to be. That saves me a lot of wasted time trying things that are, on the surface, gastronomically inferior.

                    1. Not a website but check out the Smitten Kitchen blog!

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                        Second Smitten Kitchen. Love it.

                      2. Can't go wrong with Allrecipes. Have always found just what I was looking for. Plus love all the reviews to add to tips to each recipe.

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                          I find Allrecipes very hit or miss. A lot of their recipes appeal to the 1950s, Peoria palate: bland seasonings, timid flavors. An experienced cook can vitalize the flavors, but someone new to cooking might be disappointed with the 5-starred "spicy soup" that tastes like watery salsa.

                        2. Besides the ones mentioned, another I use is RecipeZaar


                          1. elise.com and ditto on recipezaar.com

                            1. I agree with a lot of the sites already mentioned but I will add:

                              http://www.marthastewart.com/ (including Everyday Food Section


                              http://www.myrecipes.com/recipes/ (which has recipes from Cooking Light, Southern Living, Sunset, Coastal Living, Cottage Living, and Health )

                              1. when i'm making something new-to-me, i usually google for a wide range of recipes, read them all over, and then figure out which variations and prep methods i like best, which ingredients i prefer to use, etc... in general, i think it's helpful to have sites where people can comment on / rate the recipes. (great banana cake recipe i use from allrecipes that wouldn't be good if i didn't follow the suggestions of several posters to add in more banana than the recipe calls for.)

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                                  1. Epicurious.com is great, and if I'm looking for specifics, steamykitchen.com and elboricua.com

                                    1. Heard about this recipe "search engine" on here...

                                      I use it all the time!

                                      1. I tend to frequent food blogs instead; once you find someone who shares your taste, you can trust almost anything they make.

                                        When I'm looking for a specific recipe, I often check http://foodblogsearch.com/ .