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Oct 6, 2008 07:48 AM

Eleven Madison Park, Babbo, and Yasuda no Michelin Star for 2009! You must be kidding...

Looking at the list of New York Michelin Star recipients, I am in disbelief. While I have never been convinced by their rating, I am in shock to see that EMP received no star AGAIN! Three years in a row EMP has no star? You got to be kidding!

Babbo is dropped from the list this year. While one may argue that the service may have caused them the star, but Peter Luger and Spotted Pig are on the list (1 star), so clearly service should not be the BIG factor.

They also gave Gari 1 star and none to Yasuda. Another unreasonable judgement IMO.

Michelin Rating has continued to find new ways to disappoint me....

Full list here:

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  1. I agree with you. I bought the Michelin guide for NYC the first year it came out, but quickly decided it was pretty useless. I've not been to a lot of places that got stars, but, for example, I find it hard to believe that Alto and Spotted Pig each got one star - meaning, I think Alto is far better than Spotted Pig. Similarly, I find it odd that Gari would get one star, and Yasuda none. It looks like La Grenouille has fallen off the list as well, though it's been too long since I've eaten there for me to comment.

    1. You should be taking pride in the fact that NYC reduces the relevance of Michelin to ZERO. Restauranteurs and consumers alike are more apt to pay attention to NYT or even Zagats for that matter. We don't need the validation of some antiquated, totally political, French palate judging American restos. Don't get me wrong, if I was galavanting about the French countryside in a DB9 and a trunk full of Euros, i'm sure i'd have one in the glove box. But here in the U.S. of A...fuggetaboutit.

      1. Michelin is definitely ridiculous in NYC. But I'm now starting to wonder the relevance of it in France. I've heard people say that the French Micheline guide is very useful but of no relevance in the States. But the people who say that are Americans. How do the French view the Michelin guide? Is it like how it is in NY?

        1. I can't disagree with their ratings for the best restaurants. For a traveler, I don't have time to dispute who should get 1 star or not, it's just not relevant. If you live in NYC, why do you look at the Michelin guide?

          1. I don't understand the high regard for Yasuda. They didn't have real wasabi when I was there. And the fish, though fresh, was not exotic, nothing extraordinary. Gari has the creativity but not the decor nor the same freshness. I think Soto is the best sushi place in NYC IMO.

            Babbo have decreased in quality over the years but certainly deserve a star. I disagree with Jean Georges' rating completely.