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Oct 6, 2008 07:46 AM

Saturday Birthday Lunch near Wash Sq

I'm looking for a nice saturday lunch place for my husband's birthday in a few weeks. We'll be going to an art exhibition that afternoon near Washington Square Park so within walking distance is preferable. We eat just about everything- would like someplace nice but not too formal/stuffy.

Suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Lupa is quite close by, and a favorite of mine, excellent food, though it might be a little more casual than you are looking for.

    1. YOu can always go to otto

      1. Unfortunately, there are very few upscale places in the area that serve lunch on Saturday. Of the available options, Lupa is a good suggestion. I also like North Square, but lunch is mainly burgers, sandwiches, and brunch dishes. If you don't mind a bit more of a walk, Aquagrill in Soho is very nice.

        1. How about Perry Street, in the West Village? We have not eaten there, but it always gets very positive reviews from Hounds who have. Also, our daughter and son-in-law had lunch there and really enjoyed it. On Saturdays, it's brunch, but there are many lunch-style dishes on the menu.

          Happy Birthday to your husband and Bon Appetit!

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            In that vicinity - I think - is Wallse, which I like a lot - Austrian inspired food - but I've not tried their brunch/lunch.

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              Perry St. is a great suggestion, and one I would have made, but I was afraid it might be a little bit out of the way. If it's not too far, it would be an excellent choice, and my impression from when I had Saturday lunch there is that the weekend menu is actually more extensive than the weekday lunch, incorporating all the lunch dishes plus a few brunch items.

            2. Morandi has a very nice brunch. Not sure if it's too faraway

              211 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014