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Oct 6, 2008 07:39 AM

Where to go in Toronto for an informal Thanksgiving meal?

I'm looking for an informal place to go for a Thanksgiving meal. Does Fran's serve Thanksgiving lunch or dinner?

Any other suggestions?

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  1. I had a turkey dinner plate at Futures Bakery one year, but I'm not sure if it's an annual thing. I would assume that it is. Also, I believe Oliver & Bonacini cafe grill does a traditional Thanksgiving dinner as well, but the restaurant isn't located in the downtown core.

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      1. The Tulip is doing a TG dinner for $12.95. I had the turkey dinner a few weeks ago and it was pretty good.

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          Fran's has served a Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving for many years and for many of those years my husband and I and our 2 little kids went as faithfully as if the restaurant was our own Family, haven't gone for several years since everyone has grown and we now really do have 'family'. It was great in those years..traditional meal well served/prepared BUT and this is a big BUT... Fran's has seriously gone downhill in my opinion..we have been to the downtown (across from Massey Hall) Frans' several times they have yet to get ANY order right, the wait is forever from the time you order and the food is simply a disaster when it does come , trust me, we've cut them lots of slack..they still manage to do a seemingly good business because of the location ,it's always crowded and there seem to be enough Tourists in Toronto. All that being said, yes, they serve a traditional dinner but man, I wouldn't go back if they were giving it away for free..
          The Mars on College Street does a traditional dinner the food with your eyes closed because that place is an eyesore, really seems a shame because for many years it was so just appears so tired and's probably clean but I wouldn't take any bets on it!

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            How about the Fran's on College? Does it fare any better?

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              I can't link to places anymore but if you search for The Tulip here -
              and click on its placelink, you will find a map and its website.

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                Have been to the Fran's on College Street...the service was very good...the food mediocre at best. It needs to be spruced up as well as the many of these familiar and well known places where food was, at one time honestly good/reliable are simply coasting on old memories and have let their premises become so 'tired' that even for a 'quick bite' I am turned off and hesitate to try again.
                The best recommendation on this board so far (and in my opinion reliable) is The Tulip

            2. re: air621

              What is the address for The Tulip?

              1. re: Ron M

                Not sure of the street address, I'm sure a search on this board will find it, but it's right near the corner of Coxwell and Queen.

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                  Google is your friend.

                  The Tulip
                  1606 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, M4L1G2

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