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Oct 6, 2008 07:34 AM

Classic Chicken Parmesan

Which do you think tastes better, pan frying breasts or deep frying breasts?

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  1. I prefer pan frying tastes better since I mix some butter with the olive oil when pan frying. Deep frying is quicker, and less mess though.

    1. pan frying for sure, as swsidejim said, with a little evoo and butter. thin sliced breasts pounded out even thinner too!

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        yes, I agree, you have to pound the chicken breasts out into nice, thin chicken cutlets. I also mix some reggiano in with the bread crumbs for a nice crust.

      2. Pan frying, absolutely. You wind up with more tender, moist chicken. The mix of butter and olive oil makes a big difference too. You can't duplicate those great flavors in a deep fryer.