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Oct 6, 2008 07:31 AM

Favorite Halloween Recipes?

I'm hosting a party soon and could use some new recipes. I'll share some of my favorites from over the years:

Halloween Brains Meatloaf

Scream Cheese Spread

Halloween Popcorn Balls

Jack o Lantern Cupcakes

Low Fat Pumpkin Cakes

Creepy Egg Eyes

Mummy Treats

Halloween Mac n Cheese

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  1. For a children's party, I love to do a spooky ghost cake. Bake any cake you like in a 9x13 pan. Round one end of the baked cake, to make a ghostly shape. Use the cut off corners to make ghostly arms, reaching up into the air. Frost the whole thing with a fluffy white frosting. Put two eggshell halves for the eyes. Put a sugar cube in each and soak with 151 rum. Turn off the lights, light the cubes, and it's a scary floating ghost :)

    1. I like to take little sausages or pepperoni sticks and wrap them with breadstick dough so they look like a wrapped mummy. You can also use a little slice or sliver of something for eyes (olives work).

      1. This is super-tacky, but has been a big hit in my house for years. One of my kids is in college now and I have to bring one to her dorm every year.

        Ghosts In The Graveyard