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Oct 6, 2008 07:24 AM


A small group of us is going to be up in Boston over the Thanksgiving week. We want to go out for a nice dinner on Thanksgiving but we don't want the traditional fare or a 'special' dinner. Nor do we want to go out for Chinese or other ethnic food. Does anyone have a suggestions for a nice dinner out on Thanksgiving day? The turkeys will thank you!

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  1. Sel De La Terre, Eastern Standard...

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      Sel de la Terre has had a prix fixe set menu for Thanksgiving in the past. It does offer items beyond the traditional and has been wonderful. I found that most of the places that opened had special menus.

      Anyone know of any North End restaurants that will do their regular menu? That might be a possiblilty.

    2. We went to Davio's last Thanksgiving, which offered their regular menu. I'm not a big fan of the place, but others here like it.

      1. Most places capitalize on the holiday by offerig huge dinners at above average prices. Maybe it will be different this year. I don't think the seafood places, like Legal's or McCormick and Schmick's are that restrictive. I'm only guessing as this is a day that I enjoy cooking for. Try also to find out which places in the No. End are open. The smaller places will be celebrating their holiday at home. Good luck!

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          Dante's in Cambridge will probably have a good prix fixe menu at a reasonable price. And it's a lovely restaurant, too.


          this link will take you to a site for most all the boston restnts doing Thanksgiv dinners. I actually went through almost all the menus and was most impressed by The Fireplace and Temple Bar because of their more innovative dishes and some non trad Th. options. Check out their sites. Hope you have a lovely expererience. Stay away from the hotel restnts!

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            except the food at the fireplace is very mediocre.

            clio, rialto, eastern standard and sel de la terre are all "hotel restaurants"...

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              It's also not clear how much help this advice will be for a poster who was looking for recommendations a year ago.

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                ha! you are funny! it never occurred to me that this was an old thread i was responding to. Now i'm confused. I remember that this thread was listed as
                ' other related threads ' or whatever at the bottom of the threads page. I assumed it was current , but my parents would be very disappointed to find out that i never learned to read after all.

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                  No, the new "other related threads" function has been just selecting threads with related keywords, and they're not sorted by date at all - if you go browsing down among those be VERY careful to look at dates!

                  (Thanks for the explanation - I did wonder how ((and why!)) you pulled this old thread up in the first place. It's a warning to us all!)

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                    Reminds me of an old funny TV incident on Mike Douglas when I was a kid. It was around 1964 and Gypsy Rosalee was on the show ,and Mike asked her what she had been up to. She replied that the night before she and her husband had eaten out at Tommy Chang's . Mike asked how it was and she said, "You know,Mike, everything was just fine until I got my fortune cookie, and mine said "Best of luck in '53"!!!!

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                th so much for observing the foot in mouth, and for the word on Fireplace. i'll put it right out of my thoughts.