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Good artichoke dishes?

Hi can you guys tell me where they serve some good artichoke dishes? Anywhere in the city is okay.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I've had an excellent fried artichoke dish at Socarrat, and the artichokes at Casa Mono are v. good as well.

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      Second the fried artichokes at Socarrat. Very light, crisp and delicate.

      1. The artichoke moussaka at Pylos is pretty awesome, and a nice alternative to restaurants that seemingly insist on making all artichoke appetizers a "dip" of some sort.

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          Thank you all. I will try to get to all of these.

        2. Baked artichoke hearts at Blue Ribbon Bakery. We always order them. They're in a little white bowl in an amazing olive oil sauce in which they were cooked.

          1. Fried Artichokes at Due on 79th street and third are amazing. Da Silvano also has excellent fried and baked.

            1. Celeste on the UWS makes a salad of baby sliced artichokes, lemon juice, olive oil and parmesan. Sometimes it's a little too oily for me, but if you get it on a good night it's a nice change of pace.

              1. Just had the artichoke crostini last night at Gottino. Absolutely delicious. Have the walnut pesto too, while you're at it.

                1. Stuffed artichoke at Bacaro, spinach and artichoke slice at Artichoke.

                  1. One of the best (and most unusual) artichoke dishes I ever had was a special at Cafe D'Alsace. They were roasted and topped with melted morbier and a poached egg.

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                      Thank you all for the recommendations!

                    2. I second the artichoke dip at Freeman's and also a must have is an artichoke slice from Artichoke on 14th. It's huge. Skip the stuffed artichokes there, too bready for me.