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Oct 6, 2008 06:57 AM

Best Fajitas in Dallas?

Hounds, I need your help. Like most Texans, I'm very familiar with Tex-Mex. However, I'm now on a quest to find the best fajitas in Dallas. Myself, I don't eat them too often, as I usually prefer to stick with the enchiladas or combo plates. I'm especially interested in Dallas north of LBJ and the northern suburbs, but I will consider recommendations from all over. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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  1. the mollejas at El Ranchito ;)

    1. Not sure about the best, but I had the fajitas at La Hacienda in Frisco recently and was very pleasantly surprised. They may not be the best, but they were darn good.

      1. La Ha Ranch does a good job and also at their other chains Marianos and Mariano's Hacienda...this would second the rec here!

        I have always thought that Mercado Jaurez did a good job on theirs but the tortillas just got smaller over the years, but at least they are freshly pressed.

        I would try out Tipicos on NW Hwy (Bachman Lake area)and in Carrollton as they have some great all around dishes.

        If you want fajita tacos without having to deal with all the dishes Taqueria El Paisano on Lombardy @ Brockbank has great versions of fajita and al pastor tacos.

        Cristinas in Flower Mound the one in the boondocks (Cross Timbers @ Shiloh) has great fajitas and is probably the closest for me (now that Mi Patio closed :(

        I would second the El Ranchito rec as Luniz stated.

        1. I generally find most of the food at Mi Cocina to be average - at best. However, I do enjoy the Sunset Fajitas (chicken or beef). The sunset sauce wtih the thinly sliced fried onions works quite well.

          1. As far as a chain goes, I love the fajitas at Cantina Laredo. The meat is always moist and well seasoned. And their warm salsa is like crack, it's so good and I crave it all the time. I could eat it with a spoon like soup!