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Oct 6, 2008 06:44 AM

New Resto in Manasquan--- Surf and Turf Grill

Saw this new place on Hwy 71 in Squan running errands Saturday. Has anyone been there to report on it? Let me know if so..

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  1. Have not been there, but I did find this...

    Place has only been open a month and a half, I usually like to give new places a couple months to get their act together...

    1. if you're already in manasquan you should give mahogany grille a shot they have a great new head chef there i had an excellent meal there with my gilrfriends and i believe they said the new menu for fall will be out soon

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        I always found Mahogany too be very expensive for the meal provided -- has this changed? If so I'll have to give it another try.