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Oct 6, 2008 05:51 AM

Sripraphai - Group of 10

Going with a group of 10 people from work to Sripraphai for the first time (for all of us)! Going to call today to see if they will take a reservation since its a large group. Anyway, after reading many posts have come up with some must have's, but really welcome any other input. Not sure how adventurous some of the people are. Thanks all!

Crispy catfish Salad
Drunken Noodles
Crab Rolls, Pork Rolls
Crispy Basil Pork
Papaya Salad with seafood
Penang Curry
Coconut Rice
Koi Soi
Soft Shell Crab
Spicy Sauteed Pork

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  1. I'd add the crispy/fried watercress salad.

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    1. You have all my favorites.The only thing I might add is red curry is my second favorite curry, ask for actual meat not the ground "nubbins on the drunken noodles and consider an order of curry puffs with your staters. Enjoy

      1. They take reservations for large groups.

        Mango salad is a must (you'll get a tiny bit of it with the soft shell crab but it deserves it's own full plate - a37).
        Add one of the whole fried fish dishes.
        Have a red or green curry.
        Pork with chili & basil over rice.
        Sauteed Pork Curry with string bean.
        I think the vegetarian version of the crispy watercress salad is better than the regular
        Coconut and lychee ice cream for dessert.

        I'm not sure the catfish salad is a good choice for first timers.
        I like white rice better than coconut rice.

        1. yea best thai in america

          1. Here are some other things you should consider:
            *raw shrimp salad (very very hot)
            *squid salad
            *duck salad
            *bbq beef with chili, mint & lemon juice
            *ground pork with ginger, chili, peanut & lemon juice
            *ground pork with mint, dry chili, lemon juice
            *thai buffalo wings
            *fried fish cakes
            *gai kua noodles (i.e., saute noodles with chicken & yellow squid
            *tom yum soup
            *tom zap soup
            *seasoned pork with garlic & pepper
            *sauteed chinese broccoli with crispy pork
            *sauteed pork leg with chili & basil
            *crispy pork with chili & basil
            *green curry with roast duck

            from the refrigerator case, try the sour sausage (usually comes on a bed of lettuce with peanuts, sliced ginger, fresh chiles, lime pieces, and maybe some dried shrimp.

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              With a group of 10 you shouldn't' worry if some aren't "adventurous". You'll be ordering 12-15 dishes so everyone will get a variety.
              I agree with the suggestion of a green curry. Sri is one of the few Thai restaurants in the US that does an authentic version with golf-ball sized eggplants instead of long beans. I'd also add Saute Pork Leg with Chili and Basil Leaves 9C-17 on my very old menu). BBQ beef with chili mint and lemon juice (A-23?) is also excellent and a good dish to share with many.
              Of course, the watercress salad.
              I'd keep the crispy catfish salad. Sri's version is very good. It's a unique dish and easily sharable.
              I'd skip the Khao Soi for the same reason. While good, it's a difficult dish to share between many people.

              1. re: el jefe

                Was able to make a reservation and with everyone's input don't think we can go wrong! Just a quick question....are you suggesting ordering one of each of 12-15 dishes or should we get a couple of some of them (as they might be smaller) so everyone can get more? Thanks again to everyone!

                1. re: pwrube

                  Definitely get more than one soft shell crab. Everyone from the least to the most adventurous will gobble it up. Also the drunken noodles needs more than one. And of course, you can always order more of any dish you run out of.

                  1. re: bobjbkln

                    Thanks to all for their recommendations! Here's what we had and thoroughly enjoyed (most of us anyway):

                    Papaya Salad with seafood
                    Crisy Watercress Salad (a favorite)
                    Fried Soft Shell Crab with green mango, pineapple and green curry (a special and rightfully so)
                    Fried Fish cake
                    Chicken Curry Puff - very nice
                    Drunken Noodles with sliced beef and chicken (another favorite)
                    Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp
                    Sauteed Seafood Special (least favorite)
                    Sauteed Pork Curry with Thai eggplant
                    Panang Curry with Chicken (loved it)
                    Green Curry with Roasted Duck and cocount milk (deelish)
                    Coconut Rice
                    Coconut Ice Cream
                    Sticky Rice Dessert

                    Would have liked to have a fried whole fish, but most of the group wasn't going there - next time! Thanks again - couldn't have done it without you!

                    1. re: pwrube

                      OMG - how could I forget the BBQ Beef with spicy sauce and the crispy pork with chili and basil leaves (two of my favorites)!!!!

                      1. re: pwrube

                        Thanks for mentioning those - I've not tried either, and will put them on the list for the next visit.