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Oct 6, 2008 05:43 AM


looking for a reasonably priced(@ 45-50pp) place for my daughter's bat mitzvah. we will go ethnic, eccentric, unique, etc. we need a space, or a full service venue. I can do all the organizing if necessary with caterer, rentals, etc(i'm a former catering business ).
We would preferably want to do the ceremony there as well and need a sperarate area for the kids to dance with DJ.
Meal for adults can be simple, or not- even an elegant brunch would be ok. as long as the food is creative, not average. we had katz's deli do my older daughter's bat mitz. at a latino night was "the best" kosher deli food that there is. "the best" is the operative word- not the sophistication of the menu. "the best" is usually the most expensive unless i get creative. it will be less than 100 people. upper westchester is fine, as well as lower. just cannot be average and typical and my daughter needs to have it be her fun, exciting celebration, within low budget.
Thanks in advance- I know this is a tough one, I've been doing all of my research for weeks and not coming up with anything. My fantasy if only our financial were different is the Norwalk Aquarium- Parties there are amazingly unique and fun.- Pricing is un-affordable for us.

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  1. Hi Yeshana!

    A good friend of ours had their son's Bar Mitzvah at Sam's in White Plains. They had about 50 or so guests and they seated us in a private room. The food was good and so was the company, we had a great time!

    Also, been to a Bar Mitzvah at Mighty Joe Youngs. The food was ok, not as good as Sam's, but I imagine they are also reasonably priced.

    Good Luck!

    1. My friend did a wonderful bat mitzvah on a budget on a friday night at a country club. She had loads of hors d'oerves and dessert! Add DJ and all had a great time. She said it was significantly less money than Saturday and serving a whole meal.

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        How about a Bar Mitzvah in someplace like Rye Playland?

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          creative but can't have private space.they're also 13 so i would need to supervise and that would be a no no.any other creative thoughts?
          I am going to get Friday eve quotes on parties.

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            You should definitely get a better deal on a Friday night, considering that most events, especially Bar Mitzvahs happen on a Saturday, considering the technicality of shabbat

      2. If ethnic and/or unique is a possibility, maybe Southbound BBQ in Valhalla, Umami Cafe in Croton(the decor is pretty nifty), or Bollywood Bistro in Pleasantville (space may be an issue at BB, but the decor is fun and the food is good - you could do a buffet if they have the space and the price to fit your budget). I'm just thinking of places that could be unique and that may be willing to work with your budget.

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        1. re: Sra. Swanky

          Looked into umami and indian is out(not everyone likes it). My new idea is to do a breakfast for dinner menu and rent a tent, local,everything on my own.
          The breakfast food is an issue- I wanted to have pancakes, waffles, etc but keeping that hot and not having it fresh is impossible for that many people.
          Now I'm on to gourmet pizzas and salads but cannot figure out how to keep the pizzas hot and I need to have pizzas, salads, etc. in pretty serving bowls, platters, etc. SOOOO now I need a staff and heating lights?(how else do I keep pizza warm?) I am working on this-It won't be easy but it will be low cost and elegant in the right setting. any ideas on not overpriced staff and pizza warming lights?

          1. re: yeshana

            That sounds like so much fun! Your local pizzeria may have a solution for you on both staffing and pizza warming lights. You may not need a whole lot of people to do it, and the equipment may be minimal. The Racanelli chain may be able to help too(Pizza & Brew, Racanelli's, Casa Maya). I'm sure they've done an event very similar to the one you have in mind.

            1. re: Sra. Swanky

              i actually spoke to someone at pizza station in katonah- thy have terrific food and nice better "flair" than a pizzaria. Pizza and brew are options although katonah is too far- don't they have a store in that area? I'm waiting to speak to the owner and it's a good idea to ask about heat lights- the person i spoke to said they couln't keep it warm other than trays(aluminum-yuk no way) but he just worked ther- staffing must be key if i don't want to do all the work(i want to but i know it's a dumb choice to make to be host and catering manager) just cheaper. I really want to do this- it came out to only 8.00 pp with chicken pizza's etc and great salads! i'll add apps. and put great boxed wine all over the venue for self pours. i'm sooo excited and hope to pull this off without too much work(i know this is a fantasy)i will call racanelli- my husband has a prof. relationship with them- he's a financial planner(that's why the low budget!) your support of the idea demonstrates your sophistication !

              1. re: yeshana

                Thanks! I think you can definitely pull it off - it's a great menu that you're planning. Please keep us posted - love to hear how it works out!

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              When you rent a tent and do everything on your own, it gets very personal. I love it. You can have whatever decor you want. You can make the atmosphere relaxed, or elegant! Its great! You should deffinately call Cartwright and Daughters for the tent, tables, and chairs. They are by far the friendliest, and cleanest company around.