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Oct 6, 2008 05:35 AM

Kosher or Kosher style catering in Bayside area

My family will be getting together at Dad's house after Mom's Unveiling service. We'll be about twenty people on a Sunday afternoon in late October. I'd like to get something a little more substantial than the usual bagel and fish spread.Suggestions please.

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  1. If all you need is "kosher style," there's a Ben's Deli in the Bay Terrace section of Bayside ( It's kosher but not glatt kosher (they serve Hebrew National hot dogs), and they're open on Saturdays, which is a problem for strictly observant Jews but should be acceptable for others.

    There are plenty of kosher options near but not in Bayside, such as Mazur's in Little Neck (, and many places in Great Neck ( and Fresh Meadows ( I don't think all of them can do catering but many probably can. Call which ever places sound like the kind of cuisine you're looking for.

    1. are you looking for meat or dairy?

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        I think we will go with meat and enough vegetables to make our two vegetarians happy.

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          If you wanted to do a step nicer than ben's you could do patoug on horace harding at springfield.

          It's a persian restaurant, but they've done small catering jobs for me many times

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            thanks shoe, I'll check it out. I know just where it is.