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Oct 6, 2008 04:17 AM

MSP: Kat Mandu on Grand

It's across the street from Italian Pie Shoppe and Shish and Coffee News. I'm not sure I'm spelling the name correctly.

I tried carryout the other night. Samosas were ok. Dumplings good. Dark Meat Chicken Curry was a hit. The Achaar's were interesting. The flat bread was home-made and unusual, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. The daal was ok. The Palak Paneer was very rich. I've never had it that way. At first, I kinda liked it, but after a few bites it was too much.

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  1. I think it's actually Cat-Man-Do (silly spelling, theres, not yours, I know...). Did you notice if they have a patio? It seems from the outside that they do...


    1. TDQ-they do indeed have a very nice patio. We've eaten there several times and find it consistently good. The mustard green curry and simple veggie soup are standouts. Last time we were there (in early September) they were applying for a liquor license to begin selling beer and wine. I prefer it to Everest on Grand and seem to recall there being a connection between the two restaurants as far as the chef/owner is concerned.

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        Oooooo---- Mustard green curry sounds like something I’d love. Can’t tell from the name if it’s curry made with mustard-greens, or a green curry with some mustard in the sauce. Either way I think I’ll have to try it when I get the chance...

        Uncle Ira