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Great Toaster Oven??

My boyfriend just moved into a brand new house and is in need of a toaster oven. He wanted me to look on here for some suggestions, but alas I didn't really get any good ones ):

He's looking for something (probably less than $100) that is of high quality, easy to use, easy on the eyes, and has fun options/gadgets. He's really into his technology/kitchen gadgets lately, even though he doesn't cook.

The toaster oven will be used for your basic things like heating up pizza, frozen foods, etc.

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  1. Hard to get anything of quality and size for under $100. Perhaps he may be better off with one of those combination microwave/convection units? Decent units $200-$250.

    Another suggestion is what my elderly aunt got was a 2 door range. The ones I am talking about have a simple reduced size upper oven with a standard size lower oven. Unfortunately, they run $1000+, but she claims it paid for itself in several ways.

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      I got mine at Target, and I like it a lot. It is bigger than most--I can roast a chicken in it. It has a bowed back, and so will hold a 12" pizza. My old one was smaller, and I like the size of this one. It's by Black and Decker. It's not cool or gadgety, just functional. Looks vaguely retro. I like the size so that in the summer if I want to roast in it I don't have to heat up the big oven--keeps my kitchen significantly cooler.

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        I have a Black and Decker from Target, too. I think it was about $80. It's digital with a convection option, which I rarely use. It does well and we use it a lot. It toasts well, too, which not all toaster ovens do oddly enough.

        I had a Euro Pro before that and it was ok. It was noisy and didn't heat evenly, so I wasn't very happy with it. Stick with a toaster oven that's a toaster oven, and not also trying to be a rotisserie, bread machine, etc. The more functions, the more chance for poor performance or malfunction in my experience.

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          Mine doesn't have convection. Personally, I never quite figured convection out. I tend to burn stuff, especially stuff near the walls of the oven. I guess I'm never in that big a hurry, although I know it's the "professional" choice.

    2. T-Fal makes a nice option. It was reviewed on 3LUXE and I think you can get it for around $115 online.

      I think I might get one too - we've been without one for over a year and I miss the pizza reheat, broiled veggies, small servings of garlic bread, and bagels.

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        I'm also in the market for a toaster oven. Here's a related question: does convection really speed up cooking in a toaster oven?

        In my full-size gas oven, the convection seems to make no difference at all, though it does seem to make things cook and brown more evenly.

      2. Here's online review by ConsumerSearch toaster ovens: http://tinyurl.com/4p2bsv
        They compile reviews of multiple sources, and I use them frequently before I make a purchase.

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          I checked my toaster. I got the Proctor-Silex 31115 4-toaster for $30 mentioned in the above review. We use it mainly for toasting (bread & otherwise). Since I like to get new toasters ever 2-3 years (style, cleanliness, etc), I can't justify spending > $100. I have no complaints on this toaster. Love the price!

        2. I've had the T-Fal Avante Elite for over a year and it's been great. It's large enough for a frozen pizza. I've made Meatloaf, pies, brownies, and baked potatoes in it. And it even toasts. For most weeknight cooking, there's no need to open the oven.

          I didn't think I'd use the bun warmer, but it's great for warming tortillas or rolls just before sitting down to dinner.

          Also, the tray is really non-stick and looks as good as new.

          They say it's a convection oven and though the heat may be even, I don't think it heats more quickly than an ordinary toaster oven.

          I'm very happy with it and it does look like its from the future.

          1. I really don't think there is any "great" toaster oven anywhere. None make toast well or do much of anything else well. Breville makes a very good toaster, if only the old 50's model Sunbeam was still available I'd be in toaster heaven. I make toast in my toaster and use my oven as an oven.

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              I gave my folks a Sunbeam toaster about 50 years ago. It is still in regular use. My Dad passed away last year (95 yo), but my Mom (now 93) is still with us (and still driving I might add). I have made it clear where the toaster is going when she no longer needs it.

              1. re: johnb

                This reaches out and touches me no end.. Please hug your Mom and hang on to that toaster in the years to come.

            2. Well, here I'm back again, johnb, inspired by "The Great Toaster Oven" obviously a lead on to that bluegrass classic "The Great Speckled Bird". So your post inspired a new arrangement and lyrics that could have been done by my old group, "Captain Pissgums and the Gay Cowboys". And I reserrve the copyright, although my times for doing so are older than your toaster:

              "Oh, I’m taking our old toaster on up to heaven
              So worn but faithful through these many many years
              By our side so often at our morning breakfast
              To give us such plain and simple cheer

              Yes, I’ll take that old toaster on up to heaven
              To bring God’s blessed angels their breakfasts just as dear
              For so simple are all our earthly pleasures
              But so grand to share with all those we keep so dear"

              2008 Fujisaka/Pissgums Music

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                Can you hum a few bars, Sam I am?? I know you can, but will you?
                (To the tune of.....)

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                  Can sing and pick it to basic old-timey almost (and hate to say it) bluegrassy phrasing. Maybelle Carter / Ray and Ina Pattisen Texas Radio show style. The basic melody would come from (because I can't remember the title):

                  "Oh, I'm thiniking tonight of my blue - eyes
                  Who is sailing so far over the sea
                  Yes, I'm thinking tonight of my darling
                  Who has left me ..."

                  But, Joe, the key to success here is singing without moving your lips!

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                    Good Fio, I mean Sam. That works. But can you add a bit of Cajun spice in there? Or are the spices too benumbing?

                    1. re: Gio

                      Love to do Cajun arrangements! Just a miniute or two.

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                        Aihee, my lovely toaster
                        Come down with me to the bayou
                        There we going to toast up the bread for our gumbo
                        And let my love come to me in the night - oh

                        Aihee, mon beau grille-pain
                        Descendu avec moi au bayou
                        Là nous allant griller vers le haut du pain pour notre gombo
                        Et avons laissé mon amour venir à moi la nuit - oh

                        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                          To quote Zac Brown:
                          ".....And a little bit of chicken fried
                          Cold beer on a Friday night
                          A pair of jeans that fit just right
                          And the radio up...."

                          1. re: Gio

                            I love and do mean LOVE my Dualit toaster oven. We use it 2 or 3 times a day for 5 years - no problems and everything comes out like it should.