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Oct 6, 2008 02:23 AM

Good lunch meeting spot for college students?

So I'm supposed to meet with some friends to discuss some stuff regarding the club we're thinking of starting, and I've been tasked with picking the place. Naturally, I'd like to be able to go someplace decent instead of settling for a casual chain place. Problem is, though, that we are college students, so money is tight. Does anybody have any good ideas?

Just so that it's clear, anywhere in the DC/Maryland area is good, and nobody's a picky eater - any type of cuisine is fair game.

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  1. Something like Joe's Noodle House could work.

    Taqueria Distrito Federal as well.

    Also, any of the Peruvian chicken joints.

    1. Search through Washingtonian's "Cheap Eats" --- I lived off that thing for once-a-week occasions when I was an intern!

      Might want to check out "Dirt Cheap Eats," too, but I think it's a lot of chains.

      My pick is Nooshi at 19th between L and M --- plenty of yummy dishes under $10, and it's a heck of a lot nicer paying that price for a sit-down lunch instead of for an overpriced, take-out sandwich. Nooshi was one of my favorite spots as an intern, it's still one of my favorite places for get-together lunches. It's a little noisy, but not too loud, so I think you could definitely do some planning there. Call at least a day in advance for a group reservation.

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        How about Moby Dick House of Kabob??? I know there is one in Georgetown. It is my personal favorite for freshly prepared and delicious kabobs- I like the chicken kabob w/ rice or jooj (bread) and a side of hummus...

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          By the way, other Moby locations include Dupont and Bethesda, among others.
          I think there are 12 total in the DC/MD/VA area.