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Oct 6, 2008 02:17 AM

Italian cooking through Context travel?

Has anyone taken the italian cooking tour through context travel with Daniela de Balzo? I was really hoping to find a one day cooking class in Rome where I could actually roll up my sleeves and cook a little. This tour seems to offer both touring a market and actual cooking, which I like the idea of.

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        1. Try the shopping + cooking class of Maureen Fant, she is good.

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          1. re: AstridR69

            I would second this recommendation. MBFant is a wonderful fount of knowledge on Rome. She was extremely helpful when I have traveled to Rome. She is one of our resident experts on the city, cuisine and locales.

            Cheers to MBFant!


            1. re: samlev

              I have been lurking because it would be inappropriate for me to participate in the thread, but I hope no one will object if I break silence to say thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

              1. re: mbfant

                MB: I checked out the Context tours, and you're not scheduled for anything during my time in Rome. Any chance you're doing tours/lessons on Nov 3/4/5 or 9/10/11/12? Thx.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Yes, but we can't discuss it here. Can you send me an e-mail?

              1. re: steve h.

                Steve, thank you. I remember the case, and I believe the client received a refund from Context, which deserves no blame in the matter. I won't reply except to say most people who know me would find amusing the thought anyone might not get enough to eat at my table, and for that matter at the notion that I was any good at promoting myself. They would, however, expect me to correct their gastronomic Italian if my job of the day was to teach the culture of Italian food. As a result of this client's complaint to Context three years ago, I created a presentation for potential clients so they would understand that what I offer is real life and not cooking school. I even included an excerpt from her angry letter: “Maureen insisted that we eat in a manner in which the Italians would eat.”

                1. re: mbfant

                  Deb reprised your frittata recipe today for lunch. It was wonderful.

            2. We just returned from Rome and did a cooking class with Daniela/Context. This was a wonderful experience. Went to the market, had coffee and prepared the meal in Daniela's beautiful home. Enjoyed the company of a lovely couple from Chicago. The best meal that we had in Rome. If you go, beg Daniela to make will not be sorry.