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Oct 5, 2008 11:13 PM

What's the best French Restaurant in Dallas?

I used to really enjoy Chez Gerard, but now they're closed. What other really great French restaurants are there in Dallas?

I've tried Lavendou. Chez Gerard and Lavendou may have the same owner, but the beef stew (beef fricassee) from the two establishments used different recipes. Chez Gerard used a more flavor balanced recipe and the beef was softer. Lavendou used a too-salty recipe and the beef didn't stew long enough to be soft. It was chewier. Can you say chewbacca? The two restaurants have an identical souffle, though.

I also tried La Mirabelle doesn't serve beef fricassee. It is more of a nouvelle cuisine joint rather than a traditional French room like Chez Gerard. They served Tuna tartare. That's not traditional French cuisine. Their roast chicken was really good at first, but on later visits became a bit dry.... The duck is O.K.

Watel's... just read my review. It's O.K. just not great.

Where, oh where can I find great traditional French dining?

Thanks guys.

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          I second Mignon...I'm afraid to tell you that if it is really good French food that you crave, you are in the wrong town...I absolutely love French Bistro food, but have never been able to find what I am able to find in other places in the country...Mignon is the ONLY place that I can think of....