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Oct 5, 2008 11:09 PM

Great Eats near Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica?

I'm a chowhound from nyc soon to be in santa monica for a few days. the sheraton delfina on pico blvd to be exact. are there any places worth checking out near the hotel? in-out burger near there? any great taco places? any help and advice is gratley appreciated...

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  1. Will you have a car? The Sheraton Delfina is on Pico at about 5th. The Third Street Promenade is a fairly good walk to the north, beginning at Broadway and continuing up to Wilshire. It is the site of the famous Wednesday farmers' market. To the south of Pico is Main Street, which is a fun walking stretch with lots of coffee houses and small shops, extending down to Rose where you have Abbot Kinney continuing inland and the Venice Boardwalk along the ocean.

    There are no In-N-Out Burgers in that area -- the nearest one is probably in Westwood Village and the most convenient on Sepulveda just north of the airport on your way to the hotel. There is, however, a very good branch of Tommy's burgers on the S/W corner of Pico and Lincoln (8th) where you should order the double chili-cheeseburger combo, with well done fries. (The single just doesn't have enough beef to stand up to the chili, onions, and thick slice of tomato.)

    On the east side of Lincoln just north of Olympic (and the 10 Freeway) is Bay Cities Deli. It is not at all Jewish, but is excellent Italian. Their rolls are extraordinary, with highly chewy a bit crisp outsides and a dense sourdough inside -- really tasty and substantial. To be honest, the meats are nothing special, but the Godmother has a fine combination of good-quality selections (proscuitto, cotto, provolone, and more) along with excellent condiments (I love their spicy mixed with mild pepper relishes). Their meatball sub is excellent, though it really doesn't travel well. And their hot dishes -- meatloaf, potroast, lasagna -- are all excellent, really good values (around $8) and the hot side has no wait.

    There is a really good casual spot across from Santa Monica College on the north side of Pico in a strip mall about 16th or so. It is called the Hungry Pocket, and they have fresh excellent falafel pitas for about $3.50 and shawarma for $5, and they offer a really tasty spicy hot sauce that puts it over the top. A couple of evenings a week (Mon & Wed?) they offer all-you-can-eat falafel for about $7.

    The closest really good simple basic Mexican is Tacos Por Favor, which is on the S/E corner of Olympic at 14th. Good big tacos -- I like the al pastor and the carnitas, but the one that gets the raves is their chorizo and cheese, which is very rich. Very good salsa roja. If you are on the road or again coming from LAX, I really like Taqueria Sanchez, on the west side of Centinela between Culver and Washington. They are best known for their shrimp tacos -- tasty, perfectly marinated and cooked, never rubbery, about $1.75. I've heard good things about La Playita, down on Lincoln towards Venice, but to be embarrassingly honest, I have trouble finding the place.

    For a high-end splurge, my favorite by far is Chinois on Main. Wolfgang Puck's original fusion restaurant, flavors are bold and everything is served to share, so hopefully you'll have company. Concentrate on the smaller plates, and if you need an entree choose the sliced filet in szechwan sauce or the whole deepfried catfish with ponzu.

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      Closer than the two you suggest but still too far for OP's purposes, there is also an In-N-Out in the Costco complex on Washington, just East of Lincoln in MDR/Culver City. Tommy's will be a great substitute and is walkable.

    2. The Ivy at the shore...
      Ocean avenue seafood
      Sushi roku
      The Viceroy hotel
      Bay cities deli
      Tacos Por Favor
      Chaya Venice

      1. if you enjoy Faicco Pork Store on Bleecker or any other italian deli in nyc for that matter, DO NOT go to bay cities. It sadly pales in comparison to anything in ny. stick to the other rec's such as tacos por favor, etc.

        1. It depends on budget. Did you want high end restaurants for dinner? That hotel is walking distance to some of LA's best restaurants like
          Chaya Venice

          There's also lower end places like
          Library Alehouse
          Father's Office
          Tacos por Favor

          It just depends what you're looking for. You have all of Main Street, Abbot Kinney, Ocean, Montana Avenue to choose from. There's a 25cent shuttle just near your hotel, and your hotel will have details or go to and click on Tide Shuttle - which will take you down to Venice and up to the Promenade (but avoid these restaurants on the Promenade itself!).

          1. Based on your posts on the NY board, I would make these recommendations for you.

            You probably eat great japanese food in NY, but I would offer up Musha for izakaya and Santouka for maybe the best shio ramen in the country.

            As one poster mentioned, the nearest In N Out is on Washington off Lincoln, also a bit far. For gourmet burgers, Father's Office on Montana is worth a look. Also close to the hotel is Cora's for breakfast and a good kobe burger.

            For good Mexican, you might try some of the great taco trucks in the area. In the evening is the La Oaxaqena truck on Lincoln and Rose. For lunch on Rose and 4th is the Isla Bonita truck for carnitas tacos. The Tide Shuttle can take you as far as Rose, and then you can walk.

            Also good is Tacos Por Favor.

            My "link to a place" function doesnt work, so here are a few addresses and phones.

            Musha, 424 Wilshire Blvd, SM 310-576-6330
            Santouka, Mitsuwa Market foodcourt, Centinela and Venice
            Father's Office, 1018 Montana, SM (310) 393-2337
            Cora's Coffee Shop, 1801 Ocean Ave, SM
            Tacos Por Favor, 1408 Olympic Blvd, SM

            If you have other parameters, please let us know.

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              just a friendly FYI...

              There is an identical Santouka at the Mitsuwa Market foodcourt in Edgewater NJ right outside NYC. Thankfully!