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Oct 5, 2008 11:06 PM

Wings and Rings

My girlfriend is acting pregnant and is craving onion rings and chicken wings. We're looking for a good, honest, fried food types place in the city. We're East Coasters, which means we like our pizza to be pizza, not a big mess of a pie like at Cheeseboard. Hence, we like our wings with real buffalo sauce, not some kind of teriyaki fusion bullshit. And nicely battered onion rings to go along with it. Ideas?

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  1. Double Decker Burger in Hayes valley has some pretty good wings (though not huge ones) and on Wednesdays theyre all you can eat for about 12 bucks. They have rings but i havent tried them. Dig their burgers.

    1. I doubt you'll find wings to your liking out here on the west coast with real buffalo sauce, just like you're not going to find bagels, pizza or a Philly cheese steak. Onion rings you can get but I don't know of a place that has wings too. Maybe you should just head to Hooters, which serves both and many Easterners like them.

      1. Jake's Steaks in the Marina prepares credible wings with a few different heat levels to choose from. I don't think they have rings, but they have waffle fries.

        1. Adding Hooters place link

          353 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

          1. Kezar Pub, a one stop shop--best wings in the area. Plus you can enjoy a few pints while grubbin.