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Oct 5, 2008 10:37 PM

Rosemarys, It's always something

I posted before that I think it is going down hill a little. My family likes to go there when they visit so we went again. What was wrong this time? First the soup was not hot but luke warm, we sent it back and it came out hot. I ordered the bbq shrimp appetizer as my entree. We were a party of 11, so as usual the wait staff all gathered around the table to drop the plates at the same time. No plate dropped in front of me, they forgot it. The waiter apologized and I got it about 5 min. later. Finally, the coffee was not hot. Someone is not watching the details. This is what gets the best of places in trouble. Contrast this with the family reunion dinner we had at the Tuscany Grill in Henderson where we had 45 people all ordering different things from the menu, and the wait staff brought it off without a hitch.

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  1. I gave up on Rosemary's long ago. Sorry you had a bad experience!

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      Soon groovingourmet will come in on his white horse, sword unsheathed to defend the honor of the beloved Rosemary's. I must be spending too much time on this site. I actually had a pretty good experience at Rosemary's. It was by no means life-changing, and there are more than ten other places (mostly on the strip, but not all) that I'd try before heading back to Rosemary's.

    2. This is pretty disappointing to hear. My dad and I visit every November and we've going to Rosemary's for the past three or four years. This time there will be five of us and now I'm somewhat hesitant to go. I always thought it was great and dad said it was his favorite restaurant in Vegas (price factored into the equation). The last time we went was Nov. 07, should we skip it?

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        Rick - if pops likes it, sounds like you gotta go and take one for the team ! i haven't hit Rosemary's this year - it's long overdue for a return visit. It's just so difficult to return given that my to-go list is growing by the week !

        I di a return trip to Sen of Japan last week. Sen is my go-to when i have friends in town and they are hankering sushi and don't need "the scene"

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          I would still go. It could just be that things happened when I was there. Maybe they read this board and will catch the little things. It is still a unique place with a nice menu.