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Oct 5, 2008 09:37 PM

bermuda in November - where to stay for the best food?

We'll be in Bermuda for the weekend after thanksgiving and I'm confused about where the best eating options are. So many of the resorts are all-inclusive, are there any that are particularly good? Elbow Beach is on the list for non-inclusive, what is the ratio of good restaurants on-premise to better restaurants elsewhere? How far away from dining is 9 Beaches? I've searched the board for dining options, but have no idea how close / far things are distance-wise. Can anyone offer guidance?

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  1. I started traveling to BDA in 92 and was going 2-3 times a year. We quickly learned the Meal Plan with dine around privileges was the way to go. The Reefs has consistently provided our family with a quality vacation. The beach, staf and setting is perfect. It is small and intimate. May of their dine around partners are closed such as our once favorite, Lantana. We love dining around at Cambridge Beaches. We have stayed places w/o the meal plan and never had a great meal in BDA. I guess we hit it bad. Other favorites included Waterloo when we were at the closed Horizons.

    1. Hi aperitif,

      Elbow Beach has some nice restaurants on the premises but they tend to be pricier. 9 Beaches is located quite far out from any other places so if you want to dine elsewhere, it will be a costly taxi ride. You could inquire if they have some kind of water taxi service but am not sure. Other places that I've heard recommended are Pink Beach, I believe that they have both types. As well, you might want to consider the Newstead Hotel, it is newly opened and I have and several other local posters have had really good dinners there at their restaurant Beau Rivage. The same restaurant does breakfast and lunch but have not had an opportunity to check those out yet.

      Per phelana below, Reefs, hotel portion is still closed for renovations I believe, you might want to double check, the restaurant may be open. Waterloo is now closed permanently as well. Cambridge Beaches is like 9 Beaches in that it is quite far out from any other places to eat.

      If you have any more questions, let us know, more than happy to answer!

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        The Reefs is fully operational I believe..

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          All three restaurants at The Reefs are fully operational. Ate at all three during my stay this week and enjoyed each one. Royston's is a "supper club" atmosphere with an open working kitchen. Ocean Echo has been completely renovated and has wonderful ocean views.

          If you want a real treat try The Reefs for Sunday brunch. A bit pricey, but you won't find a better spread with more variety anywhere. There is so much food and variety you have to meander through both Roystons and Ocean Echo plus another small dining room and into their fabulous kitchen for salads, shrimp. stone crabs and mussels.

          I always thought my club in Greenwich has hte world's best brunch. The title now goes to The Reefs.

          Coconuts on the beach is wonderful for lunch or dinner.


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            We just got back from a lovely, quick trip to Bermuda on Tuesday and had a really wonderful meal at Ascots in Hamilton. The best of the several we had on the Island, all was great from the fish chowder to the escargot to the fresh pasta to the snapper. Nice wine list too. We were staying at the hotel- the Royal Palms a very quaint B+B kind of atmousphere, where the restaurant is co-located (it seems to be run by a different owner than the hotel) and hadn't expected to be so impressed. It was really great. We went to Beau Rivage at the Newstead, it was a lovely setting and view, but the food was only so-so, the duck breast was pure salt, the coffee was cold and they completely forgot my tea. The wine steward was the highlight, young personable and with lots of good suggestions. We had a very nice drink in a restaurant right on the ocean front in St George, I actually never noticed the name of it, across from St. Andrews church and down the steps from the bus stop, very quiet and very relaxed. We aren't big resort people so we didn't explore them, but maybe next time we will give them a try.

        2. Issacji had a great suggestion, with the Royal Palms. I always tend to forget about it as it's small and tucked away. Close to town and not near a beach so it depends on what you're looking for. Have had friends come down for work and stay there and they always enjoy their stay.

          Isaacji, shame to hear about Beau Rivage that the food and the service were only ok. I've had several excellent meals there where admittedly the service was weak. Chalk it up to growing pains I figure. It's still a relatively new restaurant for Bermuda. Hopefully if you come back, you'll have better food experiences!

          1. It's been decided, we're staying at Elbow Beach! What's good in the hotel? Besides Beau Rivage for dinner and Reefs for brunch, what else should we explore? Any 'traditional' dishes that shouldn't be missed? Where should we go for Dark n Stormies?

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              If the weather's good Mickey's down on the beach is fun for lunch. Had lunch at Cafe Lido earlier this year and found it pretty dull, don't know what Seahorse Grill is like these days.

              Any Bermudian bartender can mix up a Dark and Stormy, so anywhere you go you'll get a good one.

              If you can get out to the Black Horse in St David's for lunch try their fish chowder and/or fish sandwich. If you're lucky they'll have shark has on the menu that day.