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Looking for: French/Italian style patisserie/bakery (Scarborough Area)

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Hi everyone! I'm trying to look for a French or Italian style bakery or cake shop that makes fancy and decadent cakes and pasteries in the Scarborough area. I'm aiming to find one at the end of the week to celebrate an anniversary. I'd appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Which part of Scarborough are we talking about?

    The only two I know of are Bona Via and Fabian's on Painted Post Drive (They're on opposite sides of the road.). Bona Via is an Italian cafe/cake shop while Fabian's is German (?). Sadly, I don't know of any French cake shops in Scarborough, I usually have to go to Mount Pleasant or Bayview for French pastries.

    1. There's a fairly nice 'French Patisserie' on the ground floor of Pacific Mall. Though Chinese run, the pastry chef, however, was trained in France and Switzerland.

      1. Italian bakery "Francesca" is on McCowan just south of Sheppard.
        2 Invergordon Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1S 2Y8
        Telephone : 416-299-1174

        1. LaManna's Bakery at Highway 2 and Sheppard/Port Union Rd (yes they intersect) has some beautiful looking cakes, I've often wanted to give them a shot. They have some interesting pastries and tarts, one of my favourites in something they call a 'lobster tail'. It always seems busy when I pass. It's closed Monday, but open the rest of the week.

          1. Try Gerhard's -- on Bellamy

            We've purchased many birthday and anniversary cakes there.

            1. I second Francesca's. Especially since Angelo's son went off and studied as a pastry chef here and in Italy. The crazy selection available there now is amazing! My favourite is their "noccolata" with hazelnut cream and Frangelico. Great coffee too!

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                Yeah, I guess I forgot to write whether I like Francesca's or not ...haha.

                We've tried coffee there - cappucinos, they're amazing. Their butter tarts are quite nice, and I've tried their yummy tiramisu as well... yum.

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                  Just bought the Mochaccino cake from Francesca's yesterday!

                  The bakery is a little rough on the appearance, but busy with customers.
                  Had a great $2.50 cappuccino while I waited for them to melt fresh chocolate for my birthday saying. The cake was very light and fluffy with mounds of shaved white chocolate on top and sliced almonds around the sides.

                  For $25 the cake was a great buy! Plus the writing was gorgeous, not the awful handwriting found in the bakery section of a grocery store!

                  Was a hit at the dinner table; fresh, appetizing, not too rich, and in my budget!

                2. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I ended up buying from Gateaux de Paris which is the french patisserie at Pacific Mall that Charles Yu recommneded just by coincidence I needed to buy something there that day. I thought their tiramisu was very delightful but the other flavours were just so-so. I plan to try Bona Via the next time. And as for Francesca, I go there quite often to buy baguettes and such but never cakes, but I think I'll try their cappucino next time. =)

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                    If you wanted only cakes and French pastries, do give the 'new' RUELO in Time Square a try. A few of the choices are pretty original and I think you'll be pleasantly surprise!