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Oct 5, 2008 07:42 PM

gastropubs in westside?

i'm in westchester and i want to know where all the gastropubs are at!
of course, i know where the father's offices are, but where's everything else in the westside?
i'm looking for anything interesting and affordable.

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  1. Library Ale House on Main Street in Santa Monica/ Venice. Sorry I haven't been to give any feedback but it is the kind of place you are looking for. Also, in this month's Gourmet mag they feature the beer sommlier at Rustic Canyon on Wilshire around 14th area. It is more upscale and certainly not gastropub but several very high end small production beers to check out .

    1. Ford's Filling Station in Culver City considers itself a gastropub; arguably Beechwood in Venice and the Del in Playa (though they have actual, separate restaurant areas as part of the premises); Tompkin's Square in Westchester (though the menu might be too limited to count).

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        I've tried all of these: NOT Most have terrible food, esp. Fords. Tompkins is a good burgers and beer bar, but not a gastropub like FO. We need some more....

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          yeah... i'm a huge fan of honey's kettle and tender greens, but i've never wanted to walk into ford's. i've heard such mediocre reviews... and damn it is expensive. and i'm a student at lmu, which means tompkin's is off limits (low douche tolerance).