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Oct 5, 2008 07:26 PM

Recs for Tulsa and Oklahoma City?

My job is sending me to Tulsa and Oklahoma City pretty frequently, and I am looking for good places for dinner. I'd like to stay under $30 per person and I really like HEALTHY food, although I can make occasional exceptions...

Places in OKC I have already tried:
Yamato Japanese (liked it!)
Shiki Japanese (Just OK...)
Toby Keith's
And the usual chain places...

I haven't tried anything in Tulsa besides chains.

I LOVE City Bites for lunch! I reall wish we had them in Dallas!!

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  1. Here is a very recent thread where we are discussing some Tulsa eateries. I hope this helps.

    There are also about 5 decent Japanese places in town, if that is what you are inclined to.

    1. In Tulsa, In The Raw... it's upscale sushi. Try the 6151... it won't disappoint.

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        Another sushi option in Tulsa that is worth it is relatively new, Sushi Alley Izakaya in Utica Square. It is not all the fancy american rolls that is the menu at In The Raw, The choices are more clean, simple and incredibly fresh and unique in their own way

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          Well they didn't know about it because this post is 5 years old. But Sushi Alley is awesome, and it's not just sushi. Grilled stuff too.

      2. For dinner in OKC I highly recommend Cheevers Cafe on 23rd or Iron Starr BBQ on 36th. Both are owned by the same guy (he also owns Red Prime Steak downtown, but it will push you over $30 / person; great happy hour until 6pm though).

        Both Cheevers and Iron Starr offer somewhat upscale eats with a neighborhood vibe. Also, Cheevers will cater to your penchant for healthy food.

        Also, I hear Nonna's downtown is great but I haven't been there in ages and it might be over your price point.

        The restaurant in the Skirvin Hilton hotel downtown is fabulous, and the hotel itself is amazing.

        For sushi, I recommend Okura which is on May Ave at about 63rd-ish. Great specialty rolls. Also there is Neko on Western and right across the street from it is Musashis which is more hibachi-type stuff (a little over-rated IMO).

        Anyways, hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else!!

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          Cheevers is delicious. Neat atmosphere (an old florist shop), and it was packed on a Wednesday night. Had mixed seafood "tamales" (with sweet potato, not masa). Both my dining companions had the tilapia on masa cakes, which I understand is consistently good. My first trip to OKC and I will look forward to returning just to eat here!

        2. If you like Sushi as much as I do, you probably eat a lot. Unfortunately, this can be expensive. When I first got to OKC, I sought out all-you-can-eat options. I found Sumo Sushi on 15th and Broadway in the Edmond area. For $20, they have an all-you-can-eat menu that is fresh made from the bar upon your order. The sushi is mostly basic rolls/sashimi, but there are some specialty rolls on the menu. I try to go there about once a month.

          Other good places worth mentioning that are cheap-moderate pricing include

          Ted's (Mexican)
          Castle Falls, Royal Bavaria (German)
          Pops (American) in Arcadia
          Cheesebruger in Paradise (American)
          The Wedge (Pizzeria)
          Deep Fork Grill (Variety)
          Red Rock (Tex-Mex/American)
          Pearl's (Seafood)
          Cafe 501 (American)
          The Grand House (Dim Sum)

          1. You should try Cool Greens (several locations around OKC) and the Saturn Grill. Someplace Else sandwich shop at 23rd and Western is one of the best in OKC. VZD's between 41 and 42 on North Western is also a great local bar and place to get something to eat.

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              Yes, Cool Greens is amazing. Very fresh and delicious. I wish I could remember the name, but when I was In OKC in the fall, I ate at an Italian restaurant that was in a buiding that had been a barbecue joint. It was run by a family that has restaurants in maybe the southern part of Oklahoma. Anyway, the food was really good - wish I knew the name so I could go back.

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                I think you are talking about Gabriella's. It is on I-44. Used to be the County Line Barbecue. I have not been there, but have heard that it is good. Sorry, I did not realize when I responded how long ago you created your post.