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Oct 5, 2008 07:16 PM

soup in greenpoint?

any recs for good vegetarian soup in greenpoint? i had the veggie soup at christina's, which was pretty good. would like some more options!

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  1. The Garden has good soups at their deli section, and usually a veggie option. Lomzynianka and Krolewskie Jadlo both have vegetarian borscht and a delicious pickle soup that they have assured me is vegetarian but I suspect may have chicken broth.

    1. old poland bakery at nassau and humboldt has a large selection of soups daily. many have meat, but they also do a really nice mushroom barley soup, pickle soup, and several varieties of borscht that i believe are meat-free. prices are extremely low. you can gorge yourself on a bowl of soup, a large glass of kompot, and an entree with 3 sides for well under $10.

      1. If you are interested in venturing non-Polish, Sakura VI on Manhattan has some nice veggie udon.

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          i'd actually love more non-polish options, if there are any!