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Oct 5, 2008 07:10 PM

18th Birthday with 20 people in SF, Italian or Asian Food


I am trying to help my cousin plan her 18th birthday party for a weekend in November. We are looking for a restaurant in SF that meets the following criteria:

-Will accommodate around 20 17-18 year olds (private room?)

- Asian (Japanese, Thai, Indian, etc) or Italian Food

- Around $20 or less for entrees

-Somewhere they can dress up a little bit- heels and nice jeans

- Near public transportation

-Somewhere they can be sort of loud- they are teenagers, so they tend to squeal and giggle a lot :) this is why a private room might be nice

We were originally going to go to Buca di Beppo, but apparently another girl is having her party there in December

We have also considered going to E & O Trading Co in Union Square. I'd like to stay away from chains, but it seems like they tend to have the most experience with groups of this kind. Any suggestions or advice would be great!


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  1. try Bocca de pepe they're perfect for this kind of party

    1. I just hosted my daughter's 21st birthday in San Francisco. On the pre-21 night we went to Brandy Ho in China Town. The dinner was delicious and very reasonable...about $300 for 17 peoole and many were drinking alcohol . We tipped our waiter $20 when we were seated and this made alot of difference. in our service. I highly reommend this. They had a room upstairs that we used and it wad very fun, great food and lots of vegetarian options.

      On the big 21st birthday night we went to Firenze by Night in North Beach. They sat us at two big tables...8 and 9 right next to each other. It was in the main dining room and we kind of took over. The gnocchi are incredible,,,they have a pesto, gorgonzola and tomato sauce. option The guests are still talking about the food. Adidiotnally the owner's son, Paulo, is incredbily handsome and the 21 year old girls loved this. Don't waste you money on dessert...17 peole shared one tiramisu and were happy. OUr bill with alcohol was $570 and we all drank. You can call the restaurant and negotiate a set menu for a price. They are flexibe.

      I suggest taking a limo with ths many people to the restaurant, The cost is about $50 from the hotel and well worth it.