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Oct 5, 2008 06:44 PM

Chicken Soup Recipe Needed

I have a terrible cold and I want to make chicken soup tomorrow for lunch and dinner. I haven't had a chance to go shopping, and I don't feel like getting out of bed to go tomorrow. Here's what I have in the house.. any help with a recipe would be great.

- frozen thin sliced chicken breasts
- canned carrots
-potatoes (fresh red skinned and canned)
-canned beans, corn, green beans
-fresh ginger
-fresh bell pepper
-dried spices
-vegetable stock


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  1. using breast meat might be a bit of a waste for soup (that's where head, feet, wingtips and discarded bones come in)

    i'd probably throw in the chicken with some veg and ALOT of ginger

    now i'll be even more unhelpful and tell you that according to traditional chinese medicine, chicken is not very good at the onset of a cold, but at the end.

    1. Honestly the main thing is to make something that does not stress you out and is hot and tasty. The heat is going to clear your sinuses, if you are a hot pepper person that will also, ginger is good. The main thing is to have it taste good enuf to eat despite how you feel so that depends on your personal likes.

      1. Gently poach the the chicken breasts in the veg. stock. If you have any chicken boullion amongst your spices, you can put one into your poaching liquid. When the chicken is done, add more stock and let it reduce about 1/3, Salt and pepper to taste, slice up chicken and put it in,add some dry dill if you have some, add carrots and noodles and you should be fine. Feel better.

        1. Dice red potatoes and simmer in stock for 15 minutes (or unitl potatoes are ready) with breast slices and grated ginger, salt & pepper (and dried chile if you like). Remove and shred breast meat; return to soup along with canned corn and diced canned carrots. Bring back to heat and serve.

          1. Or you could call your local Chinese delivery place and order some noodle soup with chicken (you can ask if they'll add ginger and some hot peppers if you like). Many a time that has saved me when all I have the energy for is to go to the door and pay, instead of cooking.

            If you really want to cook though, I thinly slice carrot circles, sautee them with ginger and then add the vegetable stock. Throw in the chicken, possibly add some of the dried spices. Cook over a low flame and then increase heat and add pasta at the end, cooking it just enough so the pasta is this side of al dente.

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              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                oh, then ew. never been able to abide canned carrots. better to throw in some of the canned corn or the fresh bell pepper. although i'm thinking bell pepper would be a weird addition to the soup. How bout crunching some bell pepper strips while the soup boils?

                1. re: charlesbois

                  I thought the same: bell pepper doesn't go in soups. I suggested dicing the canned carots and adding at the end along with the canned corn.