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Oct 5, 2008 06:37 PM

Tres Leches Wedding Cake?

My boyfriend proposed to me at the Tabard Inn in Washington, DC. The most memorable part of our dinner (besides the proposal) was the dessert -- a coconut tres leches cake with currants. Now, both of us want a cocount tres leches cake as the wedding cake.

Does anyone know if this is possible? I've read that the cake would be too soggy and unstructured to hold up or taste good. I also heard it would be difficult to decorate. Is there anyway we could make this work?

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  1. Are you committed to making this a traditional-looking 3-tiered white cake? If not, no problem, but if so, tres leches might be difficult, though I think it could be possible:
    What if you did a plain cake and served boats of tres leches sauce for diners to pour themselves? Or, you could just have a tres leches cake with only 50% the amount of liquid so it wouldn't fall apart, plus some more of the same flavors in the icing?
    If all else fails and you really want the traditional cake too, you could make tres leches the groom's cake.

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      Those are excellent ideas. It sounds like the cake will be difficult to layer, but making a separate cake may work.

      Thank you, Adrienne!

      1. re: chubbybunny

        You could also have a traditional cake, smaller ( for decoration and cake cutting ceremony) that isn't tres leches and then have sheets on tres leches in the back to serve. People could then have a choice. Then you could keep the top tier since tres leches won't freeze well.