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Oct 5, 2008 05:18 PM

Johnson City, TN...

I'm going to be in Johnson City for the next 2 weeks, and I'm hoping to find some good chow. I'm already in the south, so I don't need recs for "Southern" or BBQ. Just good, well prepared food, and preferably with a cocktail involved. Non-chain restaurants preferred.


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  1. Ridgewood BBQ just up the road near Bluff City is a must, for a lunch, but there's no booze. They do have a good descriptive website.
    Stir Fry Cafe (in Knoxville) has a sister restaurant in Johnson City and the recipes are a step above many oriental restaurants. (And they have a full bar in the one in Knoxville).

    If the weather is clear, you owe yourself a drive down I-26 to Asheville NC. It's the newest interstate through the mountains and a really lovely drive. (and you'll find scores of Asheville recommendations here.)

    If you go down 11E to Tusculum, there's a neat lunchplace across the road from the college.

    (I'll try to remember names of places, but sometimes the names aren't distinctive, although the food is.)

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    2. Take I-81 to Abingdon ,Va, a pretty town with a good downtown for strolling. Try Allisons ( good soups and salads) and the Wildflour ( a more ambitious menu for dinner) Neither serve alcohol. There are several interesting looking places ( Withers, the Peppermill) which serve drinks, but I haven't eaten there. I don't think JC has many non-chain non barbeque restaurants.

      1. I just noticed a long review for the Townhouse Grill in Chilhowie VA a little farther down on this board. It's not far from JC if it appeals to you.

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          70 miles for dinner is a bit much- I may as well go to Asheville.. :p I'll be working long days, so the VA spots aren't really an option.

          The drive from Asheville was indeed beautiful. I'll be making that drive a couple more times before the 17th of Oct, and I imagine it will get more and more spectacular, with the change of seasons.

          I'm at the Carnegie Hotel, and the restaurant downstairs- Wellington's- is rumored to be good. I've also had some feedback about Gourmet and Company.

          Since JC seems under-reported, I'll make it my mission to scare up some good eats while I'm here.

          1. re: caviar_and_chitlins

            Peerless Steak House is said to be their best restaurant. Pricey enough to have cloned itself to west Knoxville. I'd be interested to know your take on it...Assuming you're on total expense account.

        2. Well, one of my favorite places by far is Stir Fry Cafe. Also, Gourmet & Company is 5 star, incredible service, presentation and taste.

          Sean B. Halliday