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Oct 5, 2008 04:52 PM

Houston Help


I live in Phoenix and will be traveling with my Girlfriend to her family's home for Thanksgiving and could use help with a couple things.

1. Nicole and I are big believers in eating local and would like to prepare a meal for her family that contains ingredients produced within 250 miles of Houston. We are planning on doing this a couple days after the meal and leftovers are consumed. I can do this in Phoenix but am relatively clueless as to how I can do this in Houston. Nicole's sister has volunteered to secure any of the ingredients that we would have a hard time getting over a holiday weekend. You all are by far my best resource for this so help me out please.

2. Her family lives in Clearlake and we want to find a couple of great casual places to take them out for lunch or dinner. We will have a rental car and have no problem driving 45 minutes to an hour if you all think it is worth it.


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  1. Your best bet might be to go to and enter Houston or her family's zipcode. Some of the farmer's markets around here are having trouble getting local produce right now because of the effects of Hurricane Ike. For meat, one good source is Jolie Vue Farms in Brenham, We get grass-fed beef from Georgia's Grass-Fed Beef in Waller, just northwest of Houston, We get our poultry from Fran's Fryers up near Dallas, I'm in a good co-op,, but these days not much of our produce is local. Do a search on this board for Houston-area farmer's markets--there have been several relevant threads--and you might be able to inquire of specific farmers and vendors what they have right now. Also, Whole Foods and Central Market can certainly tell you what they have in stock that is local. Have fun!

    1. I also live in the Clear Lake area. When I want locally grown produce I go to Frosberg Market, 11875 C.R. 190, in Alvin. They also get produce from other areas but grow allot on their farm. I don't know that they are organic. They also offer smoked venison sausage that they make themselves.

      As for a casual place to take the family with local ingredients (don't know if that's a requirement). I would recommend Market Seafood, 16512 El Camino, in the Kroger's shopping center. They use Texas and Gulf coast seafood. They also offer cajun items. Everything we've ever had there is very fresh but we tend to always order the catfish or shrimp. They also offer wine and beer.

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        This is great I was able to find a farmers market right there at the Space Center on the Saturday Morning. I like the idea of using Gulf Coast Seafood as a protein. Any recommendations on where I can pick some of that up? TLEGRAY, any website or phone number for the Frosberg Market? That Venison Sausage sounds great. I appreciate the help I am starting to feel like we might be able to pull this off. Keep them coming.


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          Market Seafood is a casual restaurant. I don't know that they sell their product uncooked.

          I'm sorry I mispelled Froberg (no s) They do not have a web site but their number is 281 585 3531 They also offer pies, nuts, and other local items.

          And not that I am discouraging you from going to the farmers market near the Space Center (I assume it's the one associated with Irma's) it is very small. I found it to be very disappointing but I am from the greater Los Angeles area and I had access to the Santa Monica FM as well as others. There is no comparison but do check it out if you are in the area.

          Other favorite casual places that we enjoy; Mediterraneo Cafe, 18033 Upper Bay Road, in the same center as Irma's. Also Greek Deli Cafe, 16701 El Camino. There were other that are closed due to IKE. I have to agree with Cookie Baker below on Skippers and South Shore Beer Garden.

      2. Clear Lake area resident here as well. There are several great restaurants in the area, unfortunately some are currently closed due to Hurricane Ike. For Indian food there is Moguls on Bay Area Boulevard. Great Tex Mex at Mely's. There is one on NASA Parkway, it may be closed. I always visit the one in League City on Marina Bay Drive. Our fav Greek (Skippers) and hamburger joint (South Shore Beer Garden) are closed due to Ike. Frenchies on NASA Parkway has great italian and is a favorite spot for the NASA crowd.

        1. This is great so for I can see doing some cheese and venison sausage to start follow that up with some gulf coast seafood with plenty of Veggies from Froberg and then a pie from there as well . What else do you all have how about Texas wineries? Gotta love the hounds always coming to the rescue.

          Thanks again,

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            There is also a venison-pork sausage you can get in the grocery stores, brand name Chappell Hill, which is made not too far outside of Houston and it is very good. The Houston Dairymaids have Texas cheeses at farmers markets in town. Google them to find out more. And Messina Hof is a good Texas wine, with lots of varieties. I know htere is more than that, though. You might try going to the Wine board and looking around there.

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              Messina Hof is very affordable any recommendations on which varietals are their best.


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                Here is a thread from the wine board which mention some particular messina hof wines, as well as many other Texas wines:


          2. Really appreciate the tips. We ended up going to the Farmers Market on Richmond Ave and were very impressed with the selection, we got some great Gulf Shrimp, Grass Fed beef, plenty of veggies and some jaw dropping Gelato. You all are blessed to have such a great Farmers Market as we don't have nearly the selection here in Phoenix that you all do there.

            Thanks again,

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              Was the gelato at the Farmer's Market?

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                An exerpt from today's Bayou City Farmer's Market newsletter....

                "Marcelo from Trentino Gelato has created a Satsuma Sorbet made with the citrus from the Haas Satsuma Family Farm. He will have his usual array of specialty gelato. "

                This is the newsletter that comes out the day before market.