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Oct 5, 2008 04:52 PM

Heel of Round (Bison)-any suggestions?

I've read the recent eye-of-round threads, which made me remember that I've got a bison heel-of-round in the freezer (about a 2-lb roast). I realize that this is a very tough roast and I'm not really a red meat expert, typically grilling bison steaks mostly. So, I'm open to suggestions. Is this roast something that can be braised for hours in a Dutch oven? Cooked with tomato sauce a la a suggestion in the eye-of-round thread, to be served over pasta? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. These people have it down so solid that I couldn't add a thing to their suggestions:
    Enjoy ...
    Wow!!! I've got elk, duck, deer, antelope but I ain't got no bison. You're a lucky person.

    1. I've had good success with using bison round in a "ropa vieja" type recipe. It's tough cut of meat, so let it simmer slow and long to really tenderize it.

      Also, try slicing it thin, pounding it out, and making "chicken fried steak".

      1. I second the Ropa Vieja idea, which is basically a low and slow braise. Season the meat and sear first if you prefer. Then put the meat and veg in a pretty close-fitting casserole dish or cast iron Dutch over (preferred) that has been pre-heated to 500F. Add enough liquid - water/broth/wine in any combination - to come about half way up the pot of goodies. Slap on a lid, reduce the heat to 250F and cook for at least 1.5 hours per pound of meat. After 1.5 hrs per pound, open and test shred with two forks. If it doesn't pull apart, then cook some more....

        1. Many, many thanks to the three of you for your suggestions. Now, in the event autumn actually returns (its become summer-like again!), I'll be making some bison roast!