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Oct 5, 2008 04:30 PM

Help needed for Bucks County Next Weekend

Wife and I are going to Bucks County Weekend of Oct 11-12 and I was looking for some help on general eats. We are staying in the Upper Black Eddy Region at a campground. Wife wants to visit a museum in Doylestown (I forget the name) and I want to go to Weyerbacher Brewery in Easton. Other than that we are wide open. We will probably walk along the river trail or maybe take the boat trip along the trail, but other than that we are wide open. Looking for suggestions for dinner on Saturday.l I remember eating at a BYOB, French style along Delaware, near Lumbertown (?) left after end of New Hope. It was quite good. Forget the name. Please give me lots of suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. If the place you're trying to recall is a short distance north of New Hope, it might be the Inn at Phillips Mill, a wonderful French BYO that's one of my favorites in that area. Further north in Lumberville, you might be thinking of the Black Bass Hotel, which I believe is presently closed, undergoing renovations.

    1. Other places to consider in the area are Golden Pheasant Inn on River Road south of Frenchtown. If you enjoy beer, go across the bridge at Milford, and go to the Ship Inn. Great brewpub and authentic british food. Nice atmosphere, and no TVs! Weyerbacher brewery is just a brewery... you will get a tour. They closed down their brewpub about seven years ago. If you are up that way and want to visit a brewpub drive over to Bethlehem and go to the Bethlehem Brewworks. Or drive to New Hope and go to Triumph, or on to Lahaska and visit Porterhouse.

      1. Dfishhead, there are many, many good (and some great) restaurants in the area you'll be visiting. It's not clear from your message where you will be on Saturday so I'll give you a few suggestions based on the other information you provide.

        If you will be in Doylestown, simply search this board for 'Doylestown' and you'll turn up lots of good suggestions.

        If you will be in Easton, I suggest you head for Cherubina on Northampton Street, not far from the city center. IMO, Cherubina is the best restaurant in the city. It's an old style Italian restaurant that is BYO. There is no web site but you can probably pull up some personal reviews on the internet. Reservations definitely needed.

        South of you, on the NJ side of the river, is Frenchtown, which has several good little restaurants and one great one, namely the Frenchtown Inn. Not BYO. Reservations definitely needed here too.

        If you want to be close to "home" on Saturday night, you might try the Indian Rock Inn. I've never been there but have heard some good reports. Have a look at their web site:

        Finally, you can stay even closer to "home" and go to Tara, which is my favorite stealth restaurant. This is a wonderful place that has no web site, doesn't advertise and can be closed when the owners decide to take off to Italy for a few weeks. If you're at all interested in eating here, you need to (a) make sure it's open right now, and (2) make a reservation! Tara has a loyal following and it can sometimes be difficult to get in.

        As I say, Tara has no web site but here's a link that you might find interesting:

        Enjoy your stay and have fun exploring the surrounding area!

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. For lunch on Saturday we ate at Jules Pizza. It was excellent. Great fresh toppings. I loved the pulled pork pizza. We also had slices of greek salad and eggplant pizzas. Also stopped in Stephanies for a great beer. Stephanies is a great place to get a beer, no bud or miller on tap and the bartender, Ray, is very knowledgable On the way to dinner we stopped at Ship Inn for a drink. Very good beer, cask conditioned. We had dinner reservations at the Indian Rock Inn. When we got there we looked inside the dining room and it was completely empty at 7:30. Not one person in the whole place except maybe 3 or 4 people at the bar. My wife and I were scared at the message this sent so we left and went back to Ship Inn and had a nice dinner there. Good not great, it is British pub grub. On Sunday we stopped in Carversville at the Carversville Inn for a drink. This place appeared to only have two servers working and they could not keep up with the Brunch crowd. I waited over 25 minutes for a beer without getting one we left. We also were in Doylestown in the morning and went to the Crossroads Bakery. Great place with all kinds of good breads and other treats. We wanted to go to the Inn at Phillips, but we had to leave late afternoon, so we ate a late lunch at Dilly's Corner, just a basic burger place. We love the area and plan to return at eat at places like Phillips Mill and Golden Pheasant Inn as well as some of the other fine inn in the area. Also, Lilly's on the Canal and some of the other places in Lambertville seem very nice. Thanks again for the advice and look forward to coming back.