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Oct 5, 2008 04:29 PM

Chinese frozen salmon [moved from L.A. board]

Hey - I've noticed that packages of flash-frozen "wild caught" salmon are showing up in my local Ralph's. The prices are great, around $7 a pound. The product is from China. there are other kinds of fish in the freezer case packaged the same way.

Each time I've seen them, I couldn't buy it because I was on my way somewhere else and couldn't keep frozen food in the car. So I haven't tried it.

Does anyone know anything about these? Is it the real deal?

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  1. you answered it's from china..i wouldn't buy it..

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      I try to buy wild salmon for the omega 3 vs omega 6 dilemma. When I buy it frozen I do not usually buy it from China I must confess, and I'm glad most packaging info continues to improve with more detail frankly, much to the consternation of friends in the food industries. The big thing I find with frozen is to place it on a baking rack so it drains, instead of sitting in the water as it thaws, and thaw it very slowly in the refrigerator -- never fast defrost -- this seems to help, maybe someone disagrees.
      I have friends that say they that can't find as much wild caught as farmed fish but I seem to find it around in places myself.

    2. why would you believe that any foodstuff from china is the 'real deal?'

      1. What kind of salmon was it?

        The varieties of salmon from China that I know of are from Hanghai, Bejing, Guangzhou and sometimes what dubbed "Norwegian".

        1. It's been reported on other forums I visit that the Canadian catch on the Great Lakes is shipped to New York (that I verified) and from there, it is shipped to China for processing, and then shipped back to us.

          My curiosity was aroused on encountering a package of frozen Walleye at our local Sobeys marked "Product of China" and the same may be happening with the West Coast Salmon - B.C. and Alaska are closer to China than Ontario.

          Can anyone with better knowledge comment on this situation?

          1. Some species of Pacific salmon supposedly can be found in Siberia, and there is a variety of salmon that's found only in the Western Pacific. If they are actually "wild caught", they were probably caught there instead of Alaska.