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Oct 5, 2008 04:10 PM

jiffy corn muffin mix for cornmeal crust?

i realized i am out of panko for the simple panko crusted chicken i make for my bf when requested. do you think jiffy corn muffin mix would make a good cornmeal crust? thinking i'll whip up a remoulade and maybe create a new simple favorite... hmmm.

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  1. Yes, it will make a good cornmeal crust, but it won't be like panko. Yummy in a different way.

    1. If you are ever out of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix here's a copycat recipe.

      1. Don't know if this is too late... I've used Jiffy muffin mix in a pinch for fried green tomatoes, it works ok, but I wouldn't recommend it as a standard. The leavening in the mix made it puff up and the crust didn't stick as well as plain cornmeal.

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          thanks for all of this. i ended up giving it a go and mpjmph was right, the leavening made it cakey, but we liked it. was like a corn tasting kind of crepe-y coating. soaked up the sauteeing butter/oil combo FAST. the consensus was that we would make it again with the delish remoulade i made. thanks again!