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Oct 5, 2008 03:20 PM

Pilgrimage to Foxboro

I am taking my husband on a pilgrimage to the Patriots Hall of Fame in a few weeks. Does anyone have suggestions for a moderately priced place to have dinner in the area?

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  1. I asked a similar question last year at about this time, and got very little response. Let's hope chowish things have improved in the area since then.

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      Our old standby is Luciano's on Rt. 1 near Rt. 495, but while they're reliably good, they won't blow your sox off.

      Patriot Place has several new Restaurants, but they all just opened in the last couple of months so there hasn't been enough feedback on them yet. Try one and let us know how it went:

      One place you probably want to avoid is CBS Scene, the feedback on their food so far is not good:

      I will make an effort to check out the "better" places like Davio's, Skipjack's nd Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro and report back soon.

    2. There is a reason they put a few supposedly good restaurants in Patriots Place, Foxboro Rt 1 is basically a culinary dead zone. I wouldn't touch Luciano's.

      1. I've had one good experience at Luciano's and a terrible experience at Davio's, both of which I've posted about on these boards.

        1. I would skip Luciano's as well. You'd be much better off at Bon Caldo, on Rte 1 in Norwood, about 5 or 6 miles north of the stadium.

          I haven't been to Wicked Bistro, in Sharon on Rte 1, just a couple of miles north of the park, but the reviews have been pretty good.