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Oct 5, 2008 03:08 PM

Colombian Restaurants near the White Marsh Area

I just moved to Rosedale, and I love Colombian food. I was wondering if any of you knew of any Colombian Restaurants in the area.... I am craving their food, especially their empanadas at the moment. Please help me out. Thanks!!! :0)

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  1. There is only one Colombian restaurant in the area that I am aware of - Sin Fronteras on Broadway, in the Fells Point section of Baltimore.

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      Thank You so much, I will definitely be trying it sometime soon!!! :0)

    2. A friend told me that there is also another Colombian restaurant in the corner of Fleet St & S Conkling St. that was recently opened. Has anyone been to this restaurant? Is it a good restaurant?

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        I have been googling like MAD and can't find ANY information on this place, not even here. Can someone give me a phone number or even a name of this place??

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          So I just discovered the coolest (and scariest, actually) feature on google. I typed in "baltimore fleet and conkling street" and it got me to a picture of the intersection, which I was able to zoom in on. The building on the corner has a red awning which seems to say "colombian" something. Check it out for yourself. (Click the "street view" link.) Not a name or a phone number, but at least now you know the place is there!

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            My husband and best gf (Colombian) ate here a few months ago. She swore that it was true Colombian and it was quite affordable and good. I got the "typical" plate which consisted of several different types of meats (including crackling-chicharone (sp?)), with rice and beans and a fried egg on top. Unsure if they had empanadas, but it is worth visiting on Friday/Sat. They have strange hours iirc and are usually empty (I think due to no liquor license) but you can BYOB from the store next door.

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              Wow!!!! You're right I could see it on google. I'm thinking of stoping by sometime this week. I'll see if they have a card or something that has their phone numbers and hours. I'm excited to go and check it out, I'll let you guys know how it is.

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                hey the restaurant is called Sin fronteras restaurant...the address is 601 s conkling st,baltimore md, 21224...I tried the food nd its amazinng especially because they changed the chef and he made some wonderful imporvements to the flavor...the prices are afordable.. they serve empanadas,chicharron,chorizo, bandeja paisa nd mannyyyyy more dishes..they also have a few tex-mex dishes which also taste very good..the restaurant has a home feeling. for example while your dining there they put typical music like vallenatos, salsa, cumbia y mas, the decorations are very typical, and the people are mostly colombians.. The waiteres are very nice nd caring...I thinkk everyone should try the colombian restaurant sometime soon because its the best!!!! I try to go there on weekends because its like a chill spot because while you wait for your food you can play sapo o rana maybe even parques..I try to go at least twice a week..oh by the way the phone number is 410 732 0123 and the buisness hours are monday-thursday from 11 - 9, friday&saturday 11 - 10 sunday 11 - 9 and wed are closed=[....!!!
                i hope whoever goes there has a good time and enjoys the food cuz i sure do=]
                ohh almost forgot dont forget to try the tropical juices nd take a look a la "tiendita typica" they have tostadas pony malta arequipe bocadillo obleas rosquillas galletas chocolate bon yurt y muchooo mas.... =]

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              It is called Sin Fronteras (same name as the other place on Broadway)

          2. La Fonda Paisa in Silver Spring is a really good bakery and grocery.

            1. I finally got the chance to go to the Colombian restaurant. It is called 'Sin Fronteras Restaurant' and it's located at 601 S. Conkling St., Baltimore, MD 21224. I'm not really sure about the hours, but you can always call them, their phone number is (410) 732-0123.
              Anyway, I thought their food was pretty good; my boyfriend got the Bandeja Paisa and I got the Sobrebarriga. They were both really good, although, I think I liked the Bandeja Paisa better. To whoever is going to try it, I hope you guys like it and have a good experience!!! :0)

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                This restaurant unfortunately is closed now