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Oct 5, 2008 02:50 PM

Meals near San Mateo Marriott

Three friends and I will be attending a conference at the SM Marriott next week, and are looking for suggestions for dinners, and an occasional lunch. We're not picky eaters, although a vegetarian friend might join us for a meal or two. We're looking for pretty casual places - it's an ornithology conference, and we'll be out on birding field trips most days, so will not be up to dressing up for dinner - clean T-shirts and shoes is about as gussied up as we get after a day in the field. We'll have a car.


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  1. Here is a link to the restaurant guide for downtown San Mateo. On B Street alone, there are about 30 different food/beverage establishments. I recommend B St & Vine, Gator's Neo Soul, Jeffrey's Hamburgers and North Beach Pizza (part of a chain but I do like their pizza). Avoide Athena Gyros like the plague, it is truly mediocre. There's lots of debate as to which taqueria is the best between Tres Amigos, and Taqueria Pancho Villa. All of these places are casual enough for your needs. There's lots of parking in downtown, and you can just walk up and down B Street and see what appeals to you. Enjoy.

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      i went to gator's with the SO for lunch on saturday. he went to tulane, so he had high hopes. we were not impressed. my catfish po boy was on a *soft* roll a la a hamburger bun. it fell apart as i attempted to eat it. the fish itself was pretty good, but that's totally not a po boy. the SO got fried chicken and it was ok, kinda greasy and bland. service was friendly. for $35 after tip, i'd much rather go to sushi sam's.

      the shabu shabu place is ok. himawari ramen is tasty (though the broth is not vegetarian). down the street is sweet breams, which has taiyaki (japanese filled waffle-y thing shaped like a fish).

      you could also get a nice sandwich from draeger's and go across the street to eat it in central park.

      agreed on athena. lousy. also bad was pho saigon, which is odd because i really like the one in marina shopping center. that location is pretty close to the mariott.

      Gator's Neo-Soul Cafe
      129 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401

    2. The Marriott is pretty close to the 25th avenue area of San Mateo where there're a few
      authentic chinese restaurants. Just go south on Delaware , go under Hwy 92
      and make a right on 25th avenue. You'll have Little Shanghai and Shanghai East
      on 25th as well as Silver House on El Camino to choose from. If you're into ramen, Santa Ramen is not far on El Camino in the strip mall by Hwy 92.