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Oct 5, 2008 02:33 PM

Bobby G's Pizzeria, Berkeley report w/ pics

I thought what I had @ Bobby G's Pizzeria was pretty good. The menu they have is huge so had a hard time deciding what to go. They have starters & sides $5.75-8. Salads $6.95. NY Style Pizza: individual slice $2.5/ small (12") $13/ Large (18") $20. Extra toppings: .50/ $1.3/ $1.8. Bobby G's signature pizzas either Small or Large..why no medium?
Sicilian pizzas/ Bobby G's pan fried pizzas/ pasta/ panini & sandwiches/ dessert/ drinks.

For 3 people we got:

Large pizza with half Sausage & Mushroom $23.75 and BLT $22.75 - dang, should have got meat lovers pie or clam & garlic pie instead of half BLT.

BLT was the weakest because lettuce just doesn't go well with pizza. I liked the Sausage & Mushroom half better. I wish I looked at the paper menu because it had clam & garlic on there, not on the board one. I would have liked that instead of the BLT.

Our large pizza w/ Half sausage & mush pizza & Half BLT was $25.29 including tax = we split it for total $8.43pp.

A Large pizza has 8 big slices, so for 3 of us we had 2 slices each then had to split 2 slices. That wasn't pretty. Was so full afterwards we all wanted to take a nap!

They have daily slice specials: 1 cheese slice & soda $3.5, if u want pepperoni it's .25 more. Two cheese slices & soda - $5.75/ one cheese slice & pint of beer $6/ one cheese slice, salad, & soda $6.75.

They have Happy Hr every weekday from 4-7pm. $3 pints plus tax/ $10 pitchers/ $2 cheese slices/ $2 off glasses of wine/ $25% off all bottles of wine!

Open Daily 11am-11pm.

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  1. Bobby G's is one of my local pizza joints so we occasionally eat there and much more often take out pies for home. It's good quality pizza, and the place is kept extremely clean which I love. If you have eaten at pizza places in Berkeley, some of which shall remain nameless but score about a 0 on a cleanliness scale, you will know what I'm talking about.

    1. i was not that happy with the BOBBY G slice ... it tasted a bit pre-fab to me.
      [i tried the regular pepperoni ... not the thick slice or a fancy topping].

      i also wasnt that excited by the happy hour options. as far as i could tell
      the current HH only applies to drinks [i.e. i didnt see a $2 cheese slice any more].

      the have pliny the elder on draft which is nice, but the regular price is $6, so the
      HH price of $5 isnt exactly a steal. [compare say to TORONADO ... although
      i guess T'NADO doesnt have multiple flat screen TVs ... you decide if that is a
      plus or minus]. it was also not clear to me what the wifi options there were
      eventhough i believe the menu said free wifi.

      yes, it was clean.

      has anybody tried the fried pizza? is that exciting and worth checking out?

      it's not awful, but i prefer cheeseboard, sky pie, and on a good day arinell,
      although arinell has at least a 50% miss rate.

      1. It seems like Bobby G's is the pilot restaurant for a new eco-friendly delivery service, Go Green Go

        The delivery fleet currently consists of bicycles and gas-efficient scooters, all equipped with hot boxes to ensure food arrives warm. Currently the service is free with a minimum $20 order.

        Bobby G's Pizzeria
        2074 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

        1. I finally ate here. I've looked in a bunch of times thinking I'd get a slice and it was full.

          Split a chopped salad, quite good, better than Lanesplitter though more expensive.

          Split a small sausage and mushroom pie ($16.75). Tasty crust but not cooked as crisp as I'd have liked. Excellent toppings, particularly the sausage, but too much, so the pie was kind of sloppy and got soggy.

          Nice beer selection. I'm looking forward to trying a slice and a pint someday when there's a seat at the bar.