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Oct 5, 2008 02:31 PM

Apple Cider - Baltimore Area??

With the Autumn having set in, I am looking for a decent place to buy fresh Apple Cider in the vicinity of NorthWest Baltimore County Pikesville/Owings Mills?? The SugarLoaf Festival in Timonium used to have great cider, real real sweet and not overly applely but they no longer sell it there. Any ideas for Sweet Apple Cider? (And no not Zielgers or other store brands plz..)


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  1. If you want to travel to Westminster you could swing by Baugher's for their fine cider.

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    1. re: PrinceofBaltimore

      Golly..Is there anywhere just a smidgen closer? dont they also sell baughers in the grocery store like eddies or something? thx

      1. re: Woof Woof Woof

        head to the farmers markets, the apple vendors are reaching peak and the better ones have their apples made into cider that sells out fast. saturday waverly, sunday jfx, tuesday atwater towson, weds catonsville, thursday towson. plus others.

    2. Weber's has by far the best cider ever. In Parkville.

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        Definatelty Webers! It's actually north of Parkville proper, on Proctor Lane near Pine Grove middle school:

      2. Definitely you want to go to Weber's.. Always consistant, always addition, they carry homemade bake good, great gifts and other homemade goodies...i.e apple butter..they also have apple festivals and halloween activities.. worth the drive,,easy access from I-695

        1. Usually you can pick it up at Valley View Farms in Cockeysville