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Oct 5, 2008 02:22 PM

Pumpkins! Pumpkin patch, corn maze reports in North Bay? Ideas?

Reports of pumpkin patches this year?
Any ideas of good, even small, pumpkin patches? Cheap pumpkins, preferably.

Curious about the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch & Amazing Corn Maze in Petaluma this year also. A few people have said the corn maze isn’t as lush or as big (or so it appears from the highway) as in years previous. Any word on the status this year?

Any comments on these patches or others welcome:
Adobe Pumpkin Farm in Petaluma
Fisher Farm in Sebastopol
Grandma's Pumpkin Patch in Healdsburg
Great Peter Pumpkin Patch at Spring Hill in Petaluma
Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm in Petaluma

Thanks everybody.

Happy Autumn and Happy Halloween!

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  1. We just went to Peter Pumpkin Patch at Spring Hill this morning. Pumpkins are not cheap - they're about $7 for the same size you get at Safeway for $4. But they have the hay tower, hay maze, cows, and you can pick your own pumpkin fresh off the vine, as well as dig potatoes ($1/lb) out of the ground. Not as many potatoes as last year, so go early - if you wait till later this month, there probably won't be any.

    They still have quark - $4 for a small container - lemon and garlic (bought lemon for MIL - she said it's good) and pumpkin ice cream - $1 per container - and the kids loved it.

    There was a young boy selling tamales - chicken and pork. $2 each. DH ate one of the pork, pronounced it "good" - and was surprised to find it wasn't $5 (the typical inflation at places like this). It's on the skinny side, you'd need to eat 3-5 for an actual meal.

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      Also, on the way to Spring Hill, there are at least 3 other pumpkin patches along the way. Andersen's, plus two others that I can't remember the name.

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        Thanks for the details about Spring Hill, and prices. Quark, you say? Yay!

        This year, egged on by fellow pumpkin hounds, I've been collecting pumpkin designs and templates, and we plan to get out our wood carving tools and try to create some scary magic. So, $7 is steep if we'll be buying 12-20 pumpkins. Something more like $3 is good. Or am I dreaming?

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          Spring Hill sells quark at the farmer's markets in San Francisco and elsewhere (for $5 though). I got lemon yesterday at Alemany, and this time of year they have pumpkin quark.