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Oct 5, 2008 01:59 PM

Tampa lunch near Busch & Armenia

Will be near Busch and Armenia mid day this week and don't know the neighborhood. Anything notable to try for lunch? Like any kind of ethnic food, prefer family run.

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  1. China Yuan at Waters and Armenia. Fabulous family owned and run authentic Chinese. They have a website with the menu.

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    1. re: rhnault

      There's actually tons of good ethnic food within a 1/2 mile of there - just head south on Armenia towards Waters, as rhnault said. The two dueling chinese powerhouses of Tampa - China Yuan and Yummy House - are both right there, but there are also several columbian places, puerto rican places, a vietnamese tea house, etc., all within a few blocks of that intersection. It doesn't look like much (to say the least) but Armenia and Waters is a yummy ethnic food mecca.

      1. re: rebecca.kukla

        Have you been to the Colombian restaurant that is on the left if you are headed south on Armenia from Waters? We passed a place that was packed on Saturday when we were leaving China Yuan. it was a good size free standing building. Of course I don't remember the name..

        1. re: rhnault

          La Antioquena is excellent. I am a sucker for Bandeja Paisa which is a thin steak, chicharon, a sausage, plantains and rice and beans. The rotisserie chicken is also good and quite inexpensive. The colombian place north of Bush on Armenia (at the turn) is also worth a trip. Both places have simulated hut roofs in the restaurant which in my experience has been an unfailing indicator of good food.

          1. re: CFishman

            Oh thanks! I saw Anthony Bourdain eating something like that in his Colombia episode this year. We're going to have to try one of these places.

            1. re: CFishman

              I decided to try La Antioquena since your description sounded delicious. I couldn't remember the plate you recommended and got grilled skirt steak, which was very good. I hope to go back and eat many things on that menu.
              Thanks for the recommendations.

      2. Gino's is good for red sauce italian and pub food. Large portions, good quality. On Armenia just north of Linebaugh. Decent beer selection as well.

        Both Chinese places mentioned elsewhere are good bets.