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Oct 5, 2008 01:54 PM

Hot Browns in Lexington, KY

Coming to Lexington this weekend. I've had the hot brown at Ramsey's; very good. But is there another place that I should try?

Also, what's a good place for a big honking breakfast?

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    lots of talk here about Lexington chow-hot browns included.I'm sure most hounds from Lexington would recommend Dudley's for good regional examples of Kentucky foods.The poster Lala seems quite knowledgeable.

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      Well I do love to eat! Dudley's and Jonathan's at Gratz Park both have lovely VERSIONS of hot browns. Of course once you have had the original (traditional) at the Brown Hotel in Louisville no other will do!

    2. Might I suggest a 29 min ride to Halls on the River outside of Winchester. It's got great hot brown and lots of other darn tasty stuff like fried banana peppers, lamb fries, etc.