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Oct 5, 2008 12:50 PM

Murphy's Law on Queen for dinner

Have been there on a few occassions for drinks & even a long-ago dinner.

Looked at their dinner menu, and was pleasantly surprised to find a 10oz steak, with ceasar salad & fries for $18.99. Also, a Sunday roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, vegetables & gravy for $15.99 should we change our minds about having steaks.

Anyone here experienced either of the above for dinner on a Sunday and, if so, how was it?

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  1. I've never had the steak special, but I've had the Sunday roast beef dinner more than once. It's always been good when I've had it.

    1. Yah Ive had the roast beef a few times and it is usually pretty good for pub standards. Ive had many prime rib/ roast beef dinners in my time, and its not the best but definetly pretty good for a pub. Ive had a few things on the menu, some are pretty good , some not so much.. the chicken thai bites are good to start (kind of like chicken balls in sweet thai sauce), but the fish and chips arent great in my opinion, though perhaps it was an off night when I had them. Update us if you go.

      1. It was a very busy night at Murphy's, particularly the main floor where they had entertainment.

        We headed for the 2nd floor, which was also busy and very loud.

        Anyhoo, hubby went with the roast beef, and i had the steak....both arrived luke warm, so i sent mine back for reheating. My steak was done a perfect med. rare & quite good.

        Hubby's yorkshire pudding had collapsed, but he enjoyed the rest of the meal.

        For dinner, I think it would be wise to go there during a week night & leave the weekends to the loud crowd.

        1. I don't know about that place. Always seems packed, but when I gave it a try one Sunday a couple of months ago, I got chicken fingers that went straight from the freezer into a fryer and a warm Strongbow. Unacceptable. Next time I go to George's BBQ for a Shawarma. Really sad that they can't even get simple pub grub right.

          1. I used to be a common fixture at Murphy's and even rented the second level for work and personal gatherings....and encouraged friends to do the same. Unfortunately, faulty management, a decrease in food quality and a hike in prices have led me and many of my friends who were "regulars" to boycott! I have not been in a year, now. The service is poor and the food is severely inadequate for the price. This is too bad because the location and patios are great! I will never go back until some real changes are of now....there haven't been any...word on the street.

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              I was there in the summer on the rooftop patio and the service was fine - competent and friendly. Most of them are just girls/young women trying to maintain dignity in knee socks and short tartans, basically students I guess. Our server did a fine job and dealt gracefully with some teasing from the joker amidst our group.

              We didn't have dinner though, just a bunch of snacks, so can't speak to that. We enjoyed the hummus & babaganoush dips with naan, the onion rings and the sweet potato frites with dip. I think there were nachos but I can't remember what they were like.

              Hate to complain at this time of year but the rooftop patio is almost unbearably sunny (when the sun actually shines), wish they had bigger and more flexible umbrellas. And the flower boxes look great from the ground but they block any view you might see of the lake or city. And there are wasps, of the insect variety.

              It's kind of neat to feel the rumble of the streetcars going by and look over what used to be a large racetrack and reminisce (well I at least remember real horses there).

              Bottomline, it's a chain, as you can see when you scroll down to the bottom of the Mill Street Brewpub site -