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Oct 5, 2008 11:31 AM

Le creuset stock pot? reviews?

I need a 12-quart (or larger) stock pot. I would like a Le Creuset (enamel on steel, NOT cast iron like their other pots) because (honestly) they are really attractive, and I can grab the 12-quart at the outlet, on sale, for about $60.

Who has the stock pot from Le Creuset and do you like it? I know these are different from the French ovens. I *adore* my French oven and use it all the time. But I see mixed reviews on amazon for the stock pots, so I would really like to know what hounds think. For right now, I think I would only be using this to make big batches of stock. I know that with these pots you don't cook on high heat (don't do that anyway with stock).

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  1. The bottom isn't as heavy as perhaps it ought to be. I've never used it to make stock so I'm not sure if it would cause a scorching problem or not.
    I like the color and the fat chunky handles are nice...I can grip them easily even with a heavy oven mitt.
    The enamel does seem a little on the weak side. I noticed recently that the handle on my 20qt has a ding in it. I'd probably be annoyed about this, but it was a gift and I think it the person that gave it to me got a really good deal on it. Also, faux antique distressed enameled steel is somewhat trendy these days :-)

    1. I have the 8 quart with the pasta insert. I like it fine. I had an 8 qt Calphalon before that, which I destroyed by trying to make my own laundry detergent in it (okay, yeah, pretty dumb...). All I ever use my stockpots for is making stock and boiling spaghetti and corn. To me, it seems like none of those uses require any kind of spectacular performance. I did use it once (just a couple days ago) to make a pot of chicken and barley soup, and I found it unsatisfactory in that case. The enamel isn't as high quality and non-stick as LC's french ovens - I had problems with things sticking to the enamel and burning a bit. So, if you're looking for a pot that can double as a soup pot, I wouldn't recommend it. But for stock and boiling water it works as well as any other stockpot, I think.

      As a side note - I've really enjoyed having the pasta insert for making stock, if you can find a 12 qt with one. I put all the bits and pieces into the insert and it's super easy to just lift out at the end and dump the debris in the trash. I find I don't even have to strain my stock at all afterwards.

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        What a great idea! it's so simple and obvious, and I'd never thought of doing that. I'm always ladling stuff into the colander to strain it.

      2. I have two of them. They are ok, they do the job as well as any other stockpot. I like them because they match the rest of my Le Creuset cookware and they are pretty. But, except for that benefit, I'm not sure they are worth the extra $$$ over other stockpots.

        1. I bought a 12 Qt stockpot about 20 years ago for $25. I'm still using it. I also have a 10 Qt Calphalon & an 8 Qt Calphalon. I probably use the 10 Qt the most for stock. I simply can't see spending a ton of money for something that holds ingredients that are brought to boil and then simmered for hours. There's no "there" there! I'd much rather spend the money on large skillets or French Ovens, etc. that I'll use for "real" cooking, not just simmering! Just my 2 cents worth!

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            The thing is, though, the LC stockpots aren't so expensive. I got my 8 qt Kiwi stockpot with the pasta insert for $43 (about 6 months ago). I'm not sure, but I think I remember looking at a Target no-name stockpot that was $40 when I bought my LC. And I'm pretty sure I paid $50 for my 8 qt Calphalon. I'm not sure that the implication that one should be able to find a doable stock pot for $25 is necessarily true - that was 20 years ago...

          2. Agreed, paraque. Well, I found the 12-quart stock pot for $58 at the Le Creuset outlet as part of their sale this month on anything in the "cactus" color, a deep beautiful pine-y green. It looks wonderful and I agree with paraque -- I didn't see any 12-quart stock pots in the $25 range, really, except for aluminum no-name for about $30 which I didn't want. I too would like to devote more money to French ovens, etc -- but I also use the stock pot a lot and I wanted something pretty :) too. I already made a big batch of stock and the pot is great. It also looks really cute on the stove. thanks for the suggestions, hounds!

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              Man! I love the cactus color! I was sad to see it was being discontinued. And right at a time when I have no excuse to purchase any more pieces, too...