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Oct 5, 2008 09:50 AM

taco truck alternatives/catering for a party

I'm throwing a super informal engagement party in the Mission soon. It would be ideal to have a taco truck or cart to serve up the "street" tacos I grew up with: carne asada, al pastor, etc.
However, there won't be enough people in attendance to justify the $650 fee of having a taco truck parked on site for 3 hours. Are you aware of any alternatives? have you had a good experience with taco catering in the neighborhood recently? please let me know- I appreciate it!

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  1. Hey may consider Dos Piñas - they have street tacos (corn tortilla, meat, onion, cilantro) and also do catering. Catering menu is on the 2nd page of their PDF menu, lined from their site.

    One caveat - it's NOT a little mom and pop's actually a bit slick and commercial, but the food is decent and they do quite a lot of catering. Hope that is helpful.

    Dos Pinas
    251 Rhode Island St Ste 102, San Francisco, CA 94103

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      thanks for responding- I checked out their menu but am looking for something a little more rustic. Thanks for being honest about that caveat.