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Oct 5, 2008 08:37 AM

Hummus Ideas or Tips

I make a big batch of the stuff every Sunday to last the whole week. I'm looking for some new tips, ideas, or add ins to make something a little different or special.

I usually use chickpeas, lime juice, tahini, salt, pepper, and cumin. Sometimes I add in kalamata olives, green olives, sundried tomatoes, or edamame.

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  1. I've blended in some roasted red pepper with mine a few times and it's great. Also I think I did one with some smoked paprika and it was fantastic.

    1. I cook up a big batch of bulk garbanzos and don't bother with tahini. I just add a bit of olive oil, cumin, chile powder and lemon juice, with ot without olives of some kind. Sometimes I go really southwestern and add Chipotle chiles en Adobo instead of olives. I've also blended in soybeans and salsa verde.

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        I forgot about the chipotles ! I've done that too. If I have cans of those things around, i put them in everything.

      2. Sub sherry vinegar for some of the lime juice. Also, don't know if you use raw tahini or toasted, but switching it up might be interesting. Or use a dab or cashew or almond butter instead.

        1. I like to stir in some pesto into hummus--the basil and parmesan go nicely with the chickpeas and tahini. My guests have always really loved this version of my hummus.

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            I've actually found that I prefer canellini beans to the chick peas; makes a smoother hummus.

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              I'll have to try that. Thanks for the suggestion!

          2. I just made hummus for the first time today. I usually buy Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. My daughter loves it and I often make her a hummus sandwich for lunch. However, there is a kid in her pre-school class that is allergic to sesame so I can't send in store-bought hummus.

            Anyway, I (sort of) made Cook's Illustrated version -- canned chickpeas, jarred roasted red peppers, garlic, salt, pinch of cayenne, lemon juice, a little olive oil. I omitted from the recipe toasted sliced almonds and tahini. I also added a bit of cumin.

            I just threw it all in the food processer and it came out great. Maybe a purist will miss the tahini, but my 4 year old won't notice a thing. So easy!

            I like the pesto idea too...maybe next time.